SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

How to Promote your Business with SMS Marketing

Many “failed” products in the market were unsuccessful because of “product errors,” but because of their lack of marketing efforts. I’m sure you’ve seen smaller products that make them higher (and later improved perhaps), with the right kind of sales.

It’s all about promotion. It doesn’t matter how well your product is producing and if you don’t sell it properly, people will never know its existence, and in today’s competitive edge, you will be lost in recognition.

This is where SMS sales come in. In fact, it’s almost “abusive” these days instead of using it, but if you’re still curious about what SMS marketing is, let me make you laugh.

SMS marketing is the process / method / action / action / strategy of marketing your product (or otherwise) through SMS.

It’s the latest version of “Marketing E-mail” (technically). So much more efficient and more efficient ROI, especially now that E-mail marketing is almost dead.

The whole world went from “emails” about half a decade back. In fact, research shows E-mail rates are at 19.08 percent, and that in the “beauty” industry, now imagine what the “first” e-mail message could say, “Hey did you launch a brand new miracle product?” Good return.

And as a result, SMS Marketing came off its shelf. There are now many reasons why it is coming: –

  • Who does not own a cell phone these days almost all the time?
  • People don’t look at their emails as soon as they arrive, but SMS? They did.
  • It saves a lot of time. You can send 140 characters in your sleep, but write 500 E-mail? Not so much.
  • It only distributes what’s important. In an email, there are lots of fun and things that people don’t like to spend their time on. While SMS is standard and does not consume most of your sessions.
  • SMS conversion rates were found as whipping 8.22%, while E-mail sales were just 1.73%.

So you get a clean idea of ​​what SMS marketing is and why the best option for your next marketing campaign is not? Now that we’re on the topic, let’s dig deeper into the details.


How Can You Promote your Business through SMS Marketing?


Coupons are something that many people resist. And probably not 100%, you will still have several conversions of the text “Here’s your 50% discount coupon on our base and especially for you!”

Flash Offers

Another art of conversion is “urgency”. The Flash script does just that. It’s basically a text that shares a coupon, sales link, or something, but that “something” has a deadline and expires in the next few hours or days.

Posting something like: – “We sold 40% discounts on orders above $ 200 ongoing for the next 60 minutes” will get you some attention.


SMS (files) are short, but you can use that to your advantage. If there is an upcoming new product launch, sales day on the go, or anything in general that needs a bit of reminder, you can send reminders to your potential buyers.

Ask for feedbacks

SMS texts are short, and don’t require a lot of “design-time.” So ask your customers for an answer, or maybe a “yes / no” answer is a surefire way to make communication stronger.

Multiple messages

This is probably the main reason why you consider SMS marketing as your next marketing tool. And nobody says it’s wrong. There is no better way to spread the word around and catch some eyeballs.

As mentioned earlier, open rates are much better than E-mail, and the same thing happens with conversion rates too!

Capture more details

What if you could put your SMS campaigns on something more than just text? You can ask your customers for their birthday, your favorite food (whether it’s a waistband or something similar), your favorite cheese, and whatnot.

A good example is – Hello Mr. X! Tell us your favorite butter, and we would keep it useful and ready the next time you book a table with us!


SMS marketing is the future of digital campaigns. It’s the one thing that almost everyone has access to after emails and the only “thing” that people pay attention to is email.

Deploying and managing them is easy, you don’t need a graphic design team, one man can handle a large enough size for an SMS campaign in his plans right away!

And the ways to promote your business through the SMS marketing discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg; real lies in your creativity and the ways you can come up with them to make them want to change!


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Top 5 Reasons why Bulk SMS is Best Marketing Medium

It’s the time when you have to follow the marketing strategies. That is in trend to stay in the competition for a long time. No matter what’s the niche of your business. If you want to make it a big brand you have to come up with the right marketing strategy. Today, the most beneficial & the cheapest marketing tool for businesses is Bulk SMS, undoubtedly.

Mobile users have been increasing at a faster rate & it’s quite obvious that more than half of the population of our country will be smartphone users till 2020. There’s no doubt, bulk SMS could be the best medium for marketing & to reach masses instantly. Hence there are many bulk sms service providers in India who anticipated that bulk SMS services will rapidly escalate the customer base of any business & will help them in converting their potential customers into leads as well.

The growing demand for bulk SMS services in India highlighted it as the best marketing medium for businesses. The ease in describing product features & the offers associated with it through bulk SMS, helped enterprises to utilize this marketing tool for reaching masses within a jiffy. Bulk SMS service is very advantageous for businesses irrespective of their nature.  So many enterprises have strengthened their customer base expeditiously. By utilizing bulk SMS as a marketing tool for their business promotion.

The top 5 reasons why bulk SMS could be the best marketing strategy for generating profit for your business 

  1. Easy to Use: There’s no complexity in using the bulk SMS service & the procedure involved in it is hassle-free. You don’t have to stick to any particular timing for sending multiple SMS to your potential customers.
  2. It’s cheaper: It’s obvious that you don’t want to augment your marketing budget. Isn’t it? Sending SMS to multiple people at a time could be beneficial & cheaper as well. Bulk SMS service is cheaper as compared to other promotional advertisements like TV Ads, banner ads etc. It’s an affordable service that can be utilized by small & medium enterprises as well.
  3. Easy to reach target audience: There is no mediator between you & your target audience. The whole message will deliver to your audience without any loss in between. Even, you can assure that your message has been reached to the group of people. You’re targeting by checking the delivering message constantly.
  4. Delivery of exact information: It ensures you to deliver the exact info of your business & to get the huge response from it. So It has the high conversion rate. It makes it easy to tell your audience what’s the nature of your business & how the products can benefit them in their day-to-day life.
  5. Fastest communication medium: It helps to build connectivity between you & your target audience instantly. Hence Being a business, it’s the fastest means of communication with your audience.
SMS Marketing

How secure is your favorite messaging app?

The most popular messaging app has hundreds of millions of users, but how secure are they really. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been finding out, producing a “secure messaging scorecard” to rate them on a range of criteria.

“Many companies offer ‘secure messaging’ products – but are these systems actually secure? We decided to find out, in the first phase of a new EFF Campaign for Secure & Usable Crypto,” explains the EFF.

“This scorecard represents only the first phase of the campaign. In later phases, we are planning to offer closer examinations of the usability. And the security of the tools that score the highest here.”

Are messages encrypted in transit, and encrypted so the provider can’t read them? Can you verify contacts’ identities? Are past communications secure if your keys are stolen? Is the code open to independent review, is the security design properly documented, and has the code been audited?

What’s interesting is that the apps that score seven green ticks are the likes of ChatSecure, CryptoCat, Signal, silent phone, Silent Text and TextSecure. Yet for most mainstream users, what defines their choice of messaging app is not “how secure is it?” but rather “which one is my friends using?”

BBM, Facebook chat, Google Hangouts, Kik Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber. Don’t score well on the EFF’s criteria, for example. Apple’s iMessage actually does pretty well, with five out of seven ticks.

Even so, will the EFF’s new research encourage those mainstream messaging apps to beef up their security? Or are we going to continue seeing a divide. Security-conscious people messaging other security-conscious people on the niche apps. While everyone else continues using the popular apps.

The important security is in your choice of messaging app, and whether you’ve tried to persuade friends to switch from one to another on those grounds.

SMS Marketing

Factors to consider while choosing a Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Services transpire to be the most extensive marketing tactic of its reachable compatibilities in approaching a bulk population fractionally. Since, people addiction towards mobile devices irrespective of age, gender and trade have made businesses to house this technique. The Modern market is thriving its best with emerging Bulk SMS Service providers each day with much mobile presence.

Either for Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS or OTP’s, the success of an SMS campaign is influenced by varied factors. That includes delivery speed, reachability, redundancy, scalability, security, compliance, support, user interface features, integrations framing, gateway infrastructure etc. So, it is highly essential for the marketers to be heedful in choosing a service provider even at affordable prices.

Factors to consider while choosing a Bulk SMS Service

High Delivery Rates

Telcob has framed presence with 96% SMS Delivery providing customized text solutions by incorporating diversified components in making an SMS communication happen. The Marketers can benefit through varied verticals of Bulk services like Bulk SMS, Long Code, Short URL, and Excel Plug-in with well-framed API integrations, multiple operator connectivities and an intelligently furnished Bulk SMS gateway technology enhancing high SMS deliverability.

Real-Time Reports and Analytics

Telcob provides Real-Time Reports and Analytics directly redeemed from Operator which gets updated in real time in the application based on DLR status (Dynamic Language Runtime). So the marketers can track their delivery status of each and every SMS that sent through our UI.

SMS API Integrations on all Platforms

Telcob provides furnished SMS API suites which facilitate simple integrations with any third-party applications instantly. Hence It enables marketers to summon delivery reports, receive SMS, add and schedule a number of campaigns etc.

Scalable to any extent and In-built Redundancy

All the text communication solutions of Telcob are scalable to any extent at any point of time effortlessly. Ours is an intelligent robust Cloud infrastructure possessing in-built redundancy at every level with maximum TPS (Transaction Processing System) routes to ensure zero downtime for the customers using our dashboard.


We are transparent with the prices and there are no differentiating charges with customers. As our application loaded with wide varied features and those which apply to your business or used alone have charged. Hence the cost decreases when a customer buying our services.

Data Security

Significantly, Data Security plays a major key role in any type of business. So the service provider should take client data privacy and security measures seriously. And enforce them at any cost minimizing risk factor on all levels.

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Effectively Use Email and SMS Together

As a business owner, you already realize the importance of staying in touch with your leads and customers. If your marketing techniques are up to par with modern technology and proven strategies, then you are already using either email and SMS (Short Message Service) marketing in your business communications. But, have you thought about how you can use the two together to optimize success?

Why Do Companies Use Both Email and SMS

Email and text message marketing are two of the easiest and most effective ways to stay in touch with your fans and customers no matter how large the contact list. Your customers can easily opt-in to mailing lists that automate the introduction, education, and sales of nearly any product or service niche. Frankly, both SMS and email marketing create easy-to-implement sales funnels for business.

What Makes Text Message Marketing Different From Email

We can use SMS marketing for many of the same outcomes as email. But their varying traits separate the tasks. Here are the distinctive communication differences between these two forms of outreach.

Length of the Message

Email marketing is reserved for lengthy text delivering a notable amount of information at one time. Text messages tend to be more succinct in content (160 recommended characters). Use SMS for shorter and email for longer, more involved messages.

Message Format

Emails contain subject lines, headers, body text, multiple images and links, and can include more than one call-to-action. SMS messages are brief, containing only a sentence or two with a single call-to-action. Use email messages for more complex formatting and SMS when you want to keep it simple.

Time Between Delivery & Receipt

Emails generally opened within 24-48 hours after they sent when they read. Text messages, on the other hand, usually read instantly (and text messages have an astounding 98% open rate). Since text messages are read faster – and more often – than emails, leverage SMS to gather information or send urgent CTAs.

How to Leverage SMS & Email Together

Because of the major differences between email and text message marketing, there is no way to gauge one as more effective than the other; each has its own set of benefits. There are tasks that accomplished via email but not SMS, and vice versa. Using the pair to complement one another is an excellent approach.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Make sure everyone sees your invitations, whether to events, newsletters, or online promotions, by sending a brief text message to SMS subscribers and a more involved email message to your list with a CTA directing readers to the targeted landing page. Cross-channel promotion for your events and other campaigns is important because it helps to extend your reach.



SMS Marketing

5 Reasons to use Bulk SMS Marketing for your Business

It’s very tempting to go all out mobile marketing focusing on the latest technology available, creating stylish, impressive and cutting-edge marketing campaigns but let’s not forget about SMS. Despite the advances in mobile technology, texting is still important to users. But why use Bulk SMS in your marketing and customer communication?


SMS is quick to send, quick to read and quick to respond to. Once sent into a Bulk SMS gateway, it takes seconds for the messages to be sent out.


Yes, it’s cheap to send a text message compared to many other forms of communication, but real money-saving comes from the benefits of bulk SMS. The quickness of SMS means you can use it for last-minute communication.

SMS is less likely to be filtered out as spam

The good news with SMS is that there aren’t spam filters on inboxes. That doesn’t mean that you can spam all of your customers though, but it does mean that if the message is relevant, they use their, phone and they haven’t unsubscribed, they’ll probably get it.

Build meaningful conversation

Engage, listen and interact. Anyone who reads social media marketing blogs will no doubt know the importance of building relationships with your customers. When executing a Bulk SMS campaign, you can offer your customers the opportunity to respond to either a shortcode, which is a five digit number or a long code, which looks like a regular, full-length mobile number. Both options allow you to ask for feedback from your current and potential customers and receive the response quickly.

It’s better for the environment

Bulk SMS involves no printing, no paper, no waste and no fuel for transportation. From an environment and a PR perspective, this is a huge benefit.

SMS has been around for some time but the reliability, cost, quickness, and directness. So that it should still be considered a big part of mobile marketing for any business

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Ways that e-commerce Sites can use SMS Marketing to increase sales revenue

E-commerce Sites can use SMS to increase sales revenue

Send Reminders

A reminder is the best way to engage with the customers it helps to get customer attention. You can send payment reminders.

Send New Offers

With 95% + open rates, SMS is an ideal way to promote your business. You can send your offers, new deals and coupons directly to the customer pocket.

Inform Customer

Many times customer want to buy something but at that time the item may be not available in stocks. You can inform those customers when the item back in stocks by sending simple follow up SMS.


a survey revealed that 55%+ customer leave sites after adding items into the cart. To convert those people into sales you can send the follow-up SMS to remind them to complete the buying process.

SMS marketing help E-commerce business

Customer base builder

By using simple opt-in SMS campaign you can generate more new leads and customer.

Better Analytics

Technology is evolving very rapidly. At telcob, we also upgrade our service and come up with many new features like Smart SMS that help to capture and analyze customer behavior, which can help you to run a more effective campaign.

Increase online sales

This whole process of sending an informational SMS to sending an offer, the final goal of this is to achieve more sales revenue. If you are doing everything perfectly then soon your sales graph will go upwards.


Feedbacks are very important if you want to run a successful business. Your most unhappy customer is your best source of learning. And SMS can help you to get those learning by simply asking your customer.

Brand Building

Once you start SMS Marketing campaign your customer start recognizing you and next when your customer sees something about your product they will never ignore at first sight because now you are not unknown to them. With simple SMS you can build and grow your brand.

SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS – who should use it, when and why?

Bulk SMS is very useful and effective marketing channel that should be an inseparable part of any mobile marketing strategy that tends to achieve real success in today’s mobile world.

As we all know, mobile phones are ruling our digital world, so mobile-focused marketing has become a focal point of every strategic marketing planning. Mobile marketing is a huge must for every business that wants to keep a competitive edge over their competitors and maintain advantage within the industry.

SMS marketing is a crucial part of mobile marketing 

When we speak about mobile marketing, we must pay special attention to SMS marketing since SMS has proved to be one of the most effective marketing and sales tools. This small portion of information, delivered to your mobile phone, has a phenomenal 98% open rate within 3 minutes! No other marketing tool can offer such efficiency rate, making SMS marketing the most convenient way to deliver your business message to your customers and prospects.

Although mobile technology has advanced significantly and offers so many new age solutions, some ‘good old things’ will never go out of fashion.

Bulk SMS builds quality customer relationships 

Bulk SMS, also known as Bulk text messaging, Bulk Messaging, Business SMS, SMS software or even Text message marketing, is a service that allows businesses of all sizes to send large quantities of SMS messages to various mobile phones through different mobile networks. To say it simply – Bulk messaging enables you to deliver an SMS to a large number of recipients, at once. If used smartly, Bulk SMS service can even become your perfect business pitch.

Bulk SMS will definitely improve your marketing and customer communication. Why? Because it is fast, cost-effective, it builds meaningful conversation and is a permission-based (opt-in), which customers appreciate a lot.

Bulk SMS delivery helps businesses build relationships that drive scalable results. This purpose-built service is especially useful in helping first-time entrepreneurs and SMEs succeed in reaching the right prospects during the complex purchase process. In the same time, it empowers businesses to create endless opportunities through strategic well-targeted exposure. Bulk SMS enables its users to send mass text messages nationally and internationally. This is the reason why this type of SMS delivery is one of the best solutions for businesses aiming to reach a specific audience, locally or globally.

The most common use of bulk SMS messaging is for:  

  • Mass SMS advertising
  • Sending notifications
  • Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Safety checks (password confirmation)
  • Product information
  • News
  • SMS newsletters
  • Entertainment (competitions)
  • All sorts of different text messages

Who is using Bulk SMS software?

It is known that this type of messaging is used by:  

  • Consumer brands
  • Enterprises
  • Banks
  • Media outlets
  • Major airlines
  • Travel agencies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Large consumer websites
  • Retailers etc.

Why are they using this service?

Because they have a large base of users and clients that need to be reached at once with a certain information. Whether it is a reminder, alert or some news. All these businesses need an efficient way to deliver these messages to their audience. So SMEs can and should use this service as well. Although email marketing is considered as one of the most efficient ways to reach people, the fact is that only small percentage of emails are actually read. The same risk does apply for SMS marketing, but since messages are coming directly to a device people are so attached to and they don’t require Internet to be opened and read,  this risk pays off.

You should think of mass messaging as your additional business offer. That can increase sales and revenue because it empowers you to reach customers. When it’s most suitable for them, with the most important information or service they need from you. You can lead them through the sales funnel to reach macro (purchase) conversions or entice small, micro engagements. Depending on the type of business you’re in and your business goals.

Bulk messaging

It is a very good platform to be used for organizing entertaining mobile marketing campaigns that can not only help you raise additional revenue but also make people remember your brand and stick to it. Engaging winning games, interesting voting campaigns or Q&A sessions can all be organized using different apps and realized through mass messaging service. Such marketing campaigns will definitely attract new clients to your brick & mortar stores because the word of mouth is the most powerful 21st-century marketing tactic. Use bulk SMS to promote your competitions and invite entries.

Who can also use a mass text messaging service to gain competitive advantage and improve customer/user satisfaction? Private or/and public schools can use mass messaging to quickly send information to parents and teachers. Hotels and restaurants should also consider using bulk SMS concept to send special offers or invitations. Hence Publishers, theaters, cinemas, galleries are all great candidates for using mass text messaging services. To announce new books or invite people to premiers and exhibits.

How can your business utilize a bulk SMS gateway?

Here are some examples and ideas how bulk SMS delivery can be used to add value to your interaction with customers.

  1. Send reminders – today’s customers are always on the move and need fast and reliable information from businesses and services they interact with. Sending quick reminders can help you improve customers’ perception of your company.
  2. SMS marketing boosts sales – market new products and services directly through SMS and increase purchase rate.
  3. Keep customers up to date – keep your loyal customers in the loop and make them feel important.
  4. Send alerts if there is some problem your clients should be aware of – in case of customer’s service issue that can have a direct impact on your clients. you can quickly inform them to avoid possible inconveniences. People will appreciate such information since they are helpful and prevent misunderstandings.
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Ways to Generate Business benefits with Bulk SMS Marketing


Whether a promotional SMS or transactional SMS, Bulk SMS can be sent quickly and are read quickly. They have the element of rapidity. So if you want your information to quickly reach out to maximum people and be read and responded promptly then choose a professional bulk SMS provider and benefit from bulk SMS Marketing services.

Right on Target

Bulk SMS marketing does not keep you wondering whether your message reached the target audience or not. Also, bulk SMS marketing is driven by ‘permission’ i.e. the people who receive your message are open to getting such information or might themselves have asked for such updates.

Customer Convenience

Customers appreciate brands that value their time. E-commerce companies are a good example of this. They meticulously use well-timed SMS alerts to keep customers in the loop on their order and delivery status. Another example is the way banks keep their customers updated about account balance, deductions, deposits, withdrawals, etc. This can also help you cut down on customer care service related costs.

High Returns, Low Cost

The cost of outdoor advertising, television advertising or other such expensive forms can be ‘out of budget’ or ‘too high’ for small businesses. Whereas, SMS solutions offer high ROI with low cost involved. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns can be put into action in no time with a small cost, allowing you to reach thousands of people quickly and effectively.

No Filter

Great thing is that there are no spam boxes involved in bulk SMS marketing! You can always reach out to phone numbers that are not listed on NDNC registry (DND numbers).

SMS Marketing

Use SMS Marketing to Boost Your Blog’s Audience

Do you remember the old-school way of texting people before the dawn of i-message and Whatsapp? Don’t worry, most people have forgotten all about it too! Did you know that 98% of all text messages are read and, although most people don’t like to admit it, 90% of those messages are read within 3 seconds of receiving!( SMS Marketing )

Your blog must be mobile friendly

Now that I’ve got your attention, the first thing to do is to ensure that your blog is mobile optimized. It seems like a bizarre tip to mention in 2017, but according to a recent survey from BaseKit, 91% of all small businesses do not have a mobile-optimized site. Just remember that 100% of your messages are going to be sent to a mobile device!

Outline your consumer life cycle

Segment your audiences so that they receive tailored and personalized messages – nobody likes random spam messages that they’re not interested in.

1. Potential Customers

If somebody has browsed your blog and entered their details into your lead magnet, add them to your hit list. You can send them messages about your latest posts, special offers or an article that you want to particularly push. There’s a reason why they gave you their number, give the people what they want!

2. Existing Customers

Have you got a database of readers that are waiting to go to an event or recently purchased a service/product through your e-shop? This is your chance to up-sell. Get them excited and back to your site! Now that another pay-day has passed they may be interested in that premium product that you’re so eager to sell.

3. Previous Customers

Everyone loves a returning visitor but if they’ve got other things on their minds then they might need a quick tap on the shoulder or a buzz in their pockets.

Sender ID

When creating an SMS campaign it is important to add a sender ID, people like to know quickly where the text came from and make sure that it’s not another spam message from a pestering PPI company. Make sure you set it as either your brand name or a keyword that your audience will associate with you.

Planning is key

When you’ve finalized your segments, you can start planning your campaigns.

Don’t worry folks, the beauty of SMS marketing is that it’s not as tedious as email campaigns. No designing is required it’s all plain text. All you need to do is plan your text and pop in a short URL link to your blog.

Although there’s a lot of skepticism around short-URLs in today’s world; using a long-tailed URL link tends to fill up half of a mobile screen, which is what triggers the spam radar with most mobile users. Remember to test your SMS campaigns on multiple handheld devices and only send it when you’re completely happy with the presentation.

Keep it personal

If you’re stuck choosing what text to insert, just think about what you’d like to see from a branded text message. Although you have 160 characters to use, you need to include a call to action, your blog link and be sure to keep upbeat. Oh, and please, please, please double check for spelling errors and typos!

Wait for the right moment

As with everything in the marketing world, timing is everything. As you can see in the image below, email opens tend to continue. Over a period of 24-48 hours before dwindling out. However, SMS campaigns spike within the hour.

If you want to maximize your open rate ensure that you’ve scheduled them to send at the correct time.

Take it easy

People have learned to tolerate email marketing letters on a monthly, weekly and sometimes even daily basis, but customers are not accustomed to receiving multiple text messages.

One quick way to get yourself unsubscribed is to send too many texts. So hold out and wait for a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of deal before creating a blanket campaign. 

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