Cloud Telephony delivers automated telephone applications to any phone, any place, anytime. Cloud Telephony is perfect for businesses that want innovative phone solutions, or simply need to eliminate the costs, responsibilities, and risks of ownership of traditional premise­based phone systems. 

Small and Medium size enterprises are where the next revolution is waiting to happen, where, the decision to adopt a certain technological product or service, could make all the difference between beating the competition or lagging behind. So they need to leverage all possible technology and tools to get ahead and stay on top of the game. Cloud Telephony is one such tool that will give them an edge in the customer connect.

Some ways by which Cloud Telephony can Impact on our Business

Provide better customer service

 News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. Hence Here are some ways that cloud telephony helps you ensure a more positive customer service experience.

  1. Implement a toll-free number from your cloud telephony provider and more customers will be willing to call in.
  2. If you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, you can easily integrate it with your cloud telephony system. Having all your customer details and call history in one place, allows you to tailor your conversation to suit a caller’s needs.
  3. Implement call recording and improve your customer interactions, by listening to the mp3 files later.
  4. Provide important updates via voice recorded messages or SMSes, to keep customers informed when required.

Lower costs

Cloud-based services can help you save money on many fronts, including server maintenance, power and cooling costs, and software licensing and upgrade expenses. Just under half, 49 percent of SMBs use Cloud computing to lower costs, according to the Microsoft survey. Rather than spending money to maintain hardware that often goes unused, subscribing to software. And services for a low monthly fee can help small businesses stretch their budgets further. Along with the ability to scale up to meet increased demand, the Cloud also allows you to scale down during slower periods (e.g., remove users or use less storage space), saving your business money.

No hardware on-site

When your communications are in the Cloud, they are hosted in Data Center so you have no servers on site taking up valuable space.You can reduce the amount of hardware further by opting for a softphone and removing desk phones.

Secure Collaboration

Like most software, business software goes through upgrade cycles for security patches, new features, and the occasional bug fix. Cloud computing places the responsibility of upgrades on the cloud software vendor, which can help make technical support more efficient. The task of training and supporting a full IT department dedicated to network infrastructure, security patches, operating system upgrades and crewing user help desks is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Collaboration is a big part of many businesses, and cloud computing can offer fast, easy and dependable collaboration for team members anywhere in the world. Files on the cloud can be accessed at any time. By any member of the team for review, updates or feedback. Hence a remote worker can add a scene to a multimedia file or webisode, save it on the cloud and a team of designers can all have immediate access to it.

Improved collaboration

Cloud-based programs can be used at any time on almost any device with an Internet connection. A benefit that leads to greater collaboration, particularly for businesses with remote employees. A growing percentage of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) consider the ability to be productive remotely. As critical to their operations: 66 percent said they need to allow employees to work anywhere at any time. According to a 2010 survey by Microsoft.

Hence using Cloud-based software, teams in different locations can collaborate on documents without needing to e-mail attachments. And share calendars and task lists from wherever they are. Participants just sign up for the service and access the program over the Internet, without downloading or installing program software.

Hence these are Some ways by which Cloud Telephony can Impact on our Business.


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