The range of phone users worldwide is predicted to surpass 2 billion this year, representing over 1 / 4 of the global population. This number is only predicted to grow and, by 2018 it’s miles estimated to be more than 2.56 billion, or a 3rd of the world’s population. This growth in mobile devices has changed marketing in many ways as corporations can now target people without delay, through their mobile phones, 24/7. Two of the key ways in which they do that are Email and SMS marketing.

Each those forms of marketing provide enterprise proprietors with the possibility for affordable mass communication and permit them to ship out timely data in addition to exceptional offers. They appear quite similar, however genuinely, there are a lot of differences. So how do you know which one is best for you and your business?

Emai Marketing VS SMS Marketing

Email Marketing has been around for a long time, whilst SMS marketing is relatively new. However, in maximum instances, email marketing not takes some far more but also gets less engagement and response than SMS Marketing.

in relation to email marketing, the more messages the better. Studies suggest that this sort of marketing receives a higher reaction while sending out up to 30 campaigns a month. While in relation to sending textual content messages less is more – with achievement coming from just 4-6 a month.

SMS is one of the most immediate channels available, with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of shipping. SMS is much greater private and receiving one from a brand feels just like receiving one from a friend. However, that is additionally the motive which you do no longer need to bombard the consumer with message after message.

Meanwhile, the chance of emails sitting unread and ignored in your inbox or without a doubt being deleted without being open is far higher with only around 20% of emails definitely getting clicked on. The click-through rates are also extremely different. With textual content messages receiving a CTR of approximately 36%. At the same time as for e-mail advertising that is usually 6-7%.

Email Marketing or SMS Marketing?

With these stats in mind, on the subject of choosing which marketing method is satisfactory for you and your enterprise. It might appear that SMS comes out on top. Delivering much more bang for your buck. However, your target marketplace could have a few influence over this. If you are concentrating on younger era, you may discover that they’re much more likely to be checking their mobiles. And they are much more likely to open a text message right away.

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