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Best Toll-free Number Provider

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number best practices

A toll free number is very valuable marketing tool & it has numerous advantages for any business & customers. It allows your customers a free way to communicate with you. A toll free number can expand your business opportunities. When your number is recognized & used, your business sales & ROI will be increased. It may be a valuable source of leads generation. This is a potential and priceless way for customers to reach you with high frequency.

Toll free number best practices 

1. Promote toll free number on the website

Mention your toll free on your website or every page of your website. It is like a call to action for visitors or customers. This number brings customers & leads to you. According to a study, 61% of marketers said that inbound calls generate more leads than any other inbound source.

2. Promote number of marketing campaigns

Place your number in all your marketing campaigns such as email campaigns or social media campaigns. It will maximize your marketing or promotional efforts & your number will reach a huge number of customers.

You can use this number as a trackable marketing tool. Use a specific toll free number for an email campaign; you will learn more about your customers as well as which offer & call to action drives the more leads, sales & ROI for your business.

3. Promote toll free number on social media channels

Social media is the most popular platform for communication & customers also use social media to contact you. So, it is important to share your number on social media channels.

You must include your toll free number on your twitter profile, company’s Facebook page, Google+ page, & Linkedin page. Make sure it is clearly displayed in your contact information.

4. Use click-to-call

You can use click to call to get traffic or lead through toll free . It is a great option for smartphone users to talk to a person & get their answer quickly. According to Google survey, 70% of mobile searchers have used click-to-call to connect directly with businesses.

5. Use Direct mail to promote your number

Get new prospects & customers. Include your toll free number on each envelope, postcard, letterhead, and other promotional stuff.

6. Other Places to promote toll free number

  • Place your number on business cards
  • Create the email signature with your number
  • Use print media, magazine ads, flyers which carry toll free number to your customers.
Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number International is Critical for the Travel Industry

Toll free number International is critical for the travel Industry. Professionals working within the tourism and travel industries. must step up their game to keep up with the pace of international travel. Business is booming, with a whopping 1.035 billion people traveling abroad in 2012. According to research conducted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). International travelers have more options than ever and it is vital. That you make it easy for them to book their travel plans with you.

International toll free number is an essential piece of any business’s communication strategy. They allow customers to call a business free of charge. More importantly, they can be used to create a point of contact in markets where businesses may not have a physical location.

Global Call Forwarding personally engages with firms in the tourism and travel industry. This means more than just providing toll free number for your company.

Don’t Make It Hard for Customers to Call

Only having a toll free number in your own country can be a big disadvantage for a travel business. Customers looking to book travel are often hesitant to dial international numbers in unfamiliar dialing formats. So as prospective customers search for travel options. Their eyes are drawn to familiar telephone numbers, such as toll free number in formats native to their own country. 

Once they struggle with a foreign telephone number, they might just decide to work with another business to get what they need.

Dial-up More Business with International Toll Free Number

One of the best ways to cater to a global audience is to set up international toll free number in countries where your customers live. You can then have those virtual phone numbers forwarded to your business location or call center, anywhere in the world. Hence an international toll free number can help raise your marketing ROI, build your organization’s credibility, and improve global customer care efforts.



Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Decide which Business Toll Free number is good for your Business

Small Businesses Have limited budget for their promotions for making a good online presence. A toll free number provider service gives your business a strong online presence. Using a toll free number extend your reach nationwide by only using a single number you can connect with your customers without any issue of cost. The user of the Toll free number will not charge for the call.

You can create a virtual office everywhere in the world. With a single business number which starts in India with the 1800- according to the country.

Now, these business numbers also have some types:

  • Toll Free Numbers With the Prefix 800,877 etc.
  • Vanity Numbers
  • Local Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers- These toll free numbers are usually used by the most of the businesses. These numbers are free to form the caller’s end. Hence the prefix of these numbers is 800, 877, 888, 899 which influence the callers to call for the inquiry.

Vanity Numbers- Now these numbers are in trend. Businesses using these number because the specialty of these numbers are they are eye-catching. Easy the remember. The format of these number is 1800-XYZ-ABCD.

Local Numbers- These numbers are the special area codes. So these numbers are only free for some specific area which code is used in the number.

How to decide which  Business Number is good for your business?

Toll Free number is advised for the business who can afford the call prices from their ends. The customer can reach towards you without paying a single penny which creates a good professional image and a scenario in which customers are comfortable to call you for their queries.

Vanity numbers are mostly used by the business, who want to aware the customers about their brands.

Hence Local numbers are advice for the business owner who only wants to promote their business at some particular location.

Improve the Customers Retention Rate

This platform of using toll free number service improve your reachability. Stay there, where are your customers without going or shifting your office with a simple vanity number. This easy reach towards your customers gives you the better results than before.

Customers can call you anytime from anywhere, you can give them a brief about your products and services. This will improve your customer’s retention rate.

This business number gives your customers a way to connect with you for their queries about your products and services. Also, Customers can share the problems they are facing while using your service, so you can further fix your bugs according to your customers need.

Eye-Catching Numbers- Easy to Remember

These business numbers are the eye-catching numbers, which means if someone saw this number only once, he can easily memorize this number for connecting with you later. It simply starts with the four digits 1800, then the further number is like 1800-XYZ-ABCD easy to remember digits.

These eye-catching numbers are the vanity numbers and the service provider also gives you an opportunity to choose your own number according to your business need.

Hence the special thing about using toll free vanity number is this number will make your good Professional image in the market. This will also give the Recallers for your businesses.

Easy Management

The toll free number service management is easy. Because an IVR system is provided by the number provider company. Through which you can manage all your call records. So all the call records are managed in the database for future use. This database can delete also, according to your requirements. Hence this business number can access by the multiple agents and this handling provides the customers your availability 24×7 No busy tone ever.

Advantages of the toll-free number services

  • Nationwide Reach
  • Free for your customers
  • Vanity Numbers
  • Connect you 24×7 with your customers
  • Extend your business
  • Accessible by the multi-agents
  • No busy tone

So, Choosing toll-free number service for making your online presence is a good step for your business image.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free numbers – Mistake which you have to avoid

If you’re mid- to the large-scale corporation you’re going to confront the issue of choosing a toll free number. This is a decision you’ll be living with for quite some time, so it’s important you get it right.

There are Some Mistakes which you have to avoid while choosing Toll free number:

Number Hybrid

This is by far the biggest mistake business owners make.  1-800-493-TINT is nowhere near as valuable as 1-800-TINTING (Toll free number service).  People can remember words, not numbers.  A hybrid quickly becomes 1-800-something-something-something TINT to the potential customer.  A hybrid may save you a few dollars, but over time, you’ll throw away thousands on advertising…not even counting the thousands lost from the business opportunities squandered.

Vanity Name Choice

Select a number that either spells out your industry (800-FLOWERS, 1-800-EYESIGHT, 1-800-INSURANCE) or describes/reinforces the advertising message you are trying to convey Fabulous Honeymoon vacations- 1-800-FABULOUS (Toll free number).  Avoid spelling out your company unless you are sure everyone knows your company name.  Stewarts Roofing is much better off with 1-800-ROOF CARE then 1-800-STEWART, which could be almost anything.


Don’t be selective where you use your vanity number.  Make it the front door to your business for everything you do that the public sees or hears.  Selective use for just radio spots, for instance, will not get you the best results overall (Toll free number service).  There is a reason why everything FedEx does place the 1-800-Go FedEx number on it.  Same goes for UPS with 1-800-PICK UPS, they know what value it is to them.

800 & 888 vs. 877 & 866

Whenever possible always try to establish yourself with an 800 vanity number.  It is by far what the public is familiar with.  When that is impossible, 888 is the second choice.  Although not as good as 800, still way better then 877 and 866.  Try not to us 877 unless as a last resort as you may lose some of your calls to misdials since the public isn’t yet familiar with 877 being a toll-free prefix.  Never use 866 because you could lose up to 1/3 of your calls  (Toll free number).

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Recent Advances in Toll Free Number

In the past, the key benefit of a toll free number was that a customer could call from anywhere in the country, without paying extra, and access your product or service. While this was helpful, it was also very limited in scope.

Toll free number dialing has been around since 1967, but today there is a wide range of benefits that make the toll free number a key business tool. While the original 1-800+ prefix lasted 30 years before its 7.8 million numbers were used up, today toll free number area codes are being used up at an increasingly rapid rate thanks to advances in telecom technology that make these numbers incredibly helpful for businesses.

Today, multiple options are available for routing incoming calls to businesses, ranging from Time-of-Day (TOD) routing to converting toll free calls to incoming VOIP calls to transfer them to local numbers (Toll free number provider). All of these options help businesses handle customer calls more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Benefits of Toll Free Number Dialing

Expanding the Reach of Small Businesses

When the toll free number was first introduced, the pricing structure was fixed and prohibitively expensive for anyone but high-volume users. This puts local businesses at a disadvantage, as they could not use toll free dialing (Toll free number provider) to expand their customer base into neighboring areas.

Today, however, toll-free calls can be routed anywhere, and billing is based on a record of per-minute incoming calls rather than a flat rate. This allows small businesses affordable access to toll free number, allowing them to expand their reach across the country at a fraction of the cost of opening additional stores.

Falling Rates due to Competition

With the implementation in 1993 of toll free number portability, a toll-free number no longer tied a company to a particular carrier. As a result, companies can take their toll free number with them to any carrier that offers better rates. Today, many large users are able to purchase toll-free services for two cents per minute or less. As competition continues and telephone companies work to gain customers, more features and services will be available at lower and lower prices.

‘Vanity’ Numbers for Memorability

Vanity numbers, such as 1-800-FLOWERS, allow businesses to have the toll free number that customers can easily remember. In the same way that a memorable website address drives traffic, a custom toll free number can help a business be the first choice in a customer’s mind for a particular product or service. A vanity number can help a business with both branding and getting a better response from advertising.

Large Variety of Customizable Routing Options

A business using a toll free number wants to make sure they know where their customers are calling from and also needs to control where each call goes. With current advances in telecommunications, a large variety of options are available, ranging from simple to complex. 

A business can choose the services they need and set up their telephone system in a way that is completely unique to them.

Here are just a few of the available toll free number options.

Time-of-Day (TOD)

It is a simple routing allows a business to route a call to a different destination. Depending on what time the call comes in. This is very helpful for businesses whose centers are not all open 24 hours a day. A center on the east coast could answer earlier calls and a center on the west coast could answer the later calls, no matter where the call originated. 

Day-of-Week (DOW) or Day-of-Year (DOY)

Another simple routing that allows certain destinations on certain days of the week or year. This can allow a business to offer holiday or weekend service. Anywhere in the country with only one center open that day.

Area Code Routing

The feature favored by companies that offer state-specific or region-specific services. This feature allows a company to route calls to certain locations. Based on where the caller is dialing from, allowing more efficient service with fewer transfers.

Dynamic Network Routing (DNR)

It allows calls to be segmented and routed call-by-call to receiving agents. Who have certain skills, or using business-defined rules to route callers to an IVR or other systems.

Direct Toll Free Service

Allows a business to offer toll free service internationally with the same number you currently use in the United States. Another similar service that is available is International Toll Free Numbers. Which enables a company to provide international callers a toll-free number. In their own nation that will route to the U.S. office or call center of the business.

Global Inbound Service 

They permit a company to distribute calls to a variety of centers throughout the world. This is similar percentage Allocation Routing within the U.S. But with a global focus for businesses who have customers and offices around the world.

IP-based Services

Let a company take advantage of an IP-based telephone system such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Using a VoIP system can reduce costs while still allowing the segmentation. And reporting of incoming calls that a traditional phone routing system provides.

The ultimate benefit of having a toll free number is that the options are totally customizable. Not only can it extend your reach nationwide and help customers. Remember how to reach you, you can understand your customer base. By using the increasingly sophisticated tracking and routing options available. Each business can contact various providers and find the services they need at a price they can afford.




Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

7 Questions You Can Ask While Searching for a Toll Free Number Provider

You know that toll free number is an ideal method to communicate with a wide array of customers. Since your toll free number provider service is such an integral part of your business communications, we are providing you with 7 questions you should ask yourself to improve the effectiveness and your understanding of toll free number.

Does Your Provider Have Failover Protection?

It’s always good to have a Plan B. As mentioned before, RespOrg certified VoIP carriers have the ability to integrate failover protection into their toll free number DIDs and services. When a call switch goes inactive, your calls will automatically be carried over with a failover plan. You can also make this switch manually. When a VoIP carrier has a failover plan, you can be assured that your calls will not be dropped or lost.

 How Does Your Current Toll-Free Carrier Provide Billing?

You typically have two options when it comes to toll free number billing: one simple, and one a little more complex. The simple way is to have calls billed at a flat per-minute rate. This method is easy to recognize on a bill, but it is possible you might be overcharged on certain routes. The complex method is to be billed by reverse rate deck. With billing by reverse rate deck, you have more control over configuration and management. It may be more difficult to bill this way, but it can result in you paying less than in the flat rate method.

 Is my Provider a Responsible Organization (RespOrg)?

Accreditation is a key factor when deciding to accept any type of service. Just as you would want someone like a heart surgeon to be fully accredited, you should also look for certification in your VoIP wholesale provider (Toll free number provider). When a wholesale carrier is known as a RespOrg (Responsible Organization) that means that they have been certified by the FCC to provide toll-free services. VoIP providers who have been certified have access to the Service Management System (SMS/800). By choosing a RespOrg wholesale carrier, you can take solace in the fact that they have been certified and internally trained to provide excellent VoIP services.

 What Types of Numbers Does Your Wholesale Carrier Provide?

You may have noticed that rather than the traditional 1-800 number, there are now 888, 877, 866, etc. numbers floating around. These are simply toll free number that has been introduced once the availability of 800 numbers has been depleted. There are very few 800 numbers left in existence and they have become a somewhat precious commodity.

Can You Easily Manage Your Toll-Free Services?

Your numbers and services should be easily manageable and accessible. Management tools are often found in the form of dashboards. Dashboards will give you access to reports, daily task automation, and alerts. Management dashboards are the best way to keep an eye on your toll free number and navigate through your services.

Can You Port Your Numbers?

Does your carrier allow you to move your number you will have more success when porting a number? Just be aware that the process isn’t the same as porting a local number. You’ll also have to fill out a Letter of Authorization (LOA).

Can You Receive Toll-Free Reporting?

When running a business, you’re going to want to know how every aspect of your company is performing. Receiving real-time reports is incredibly useful in tracking how your numbers are doing, all while keeping your costs low and traffic up (Toll free number provider). This can be accomplished through management dashboards and email alerts.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

1800 Toll Free Number Provider Helpline Numbers for Customer Care

Toll Free Number Provider in India provides customer support service. Which is free from the customer’s end. The charge of the call is paid by the receiver’s end. 1800 helpline number for customer care (Toll free India) in India is used for connecting with their customers. Hence calls from mobile and landline number on a toll-free business number are free.

1800 Toll free helpline numbers in India (Toll free number provider) almost used by all the industries now for supporting their customers. In India, Toll-free numbers which are used in emergency cases and the general number have only 3 & 4 digits.

How do I dial Toll free customer support Number in India?

In India Toll free number either dialed from the mobile phone or landline number free for all the customers. Even no country code or local codes/area required while dialing free numbers. Simply dial the toll-free business number and connect with the agencies and resolve your doubts.

Toll Free Number Advantages

So the biggest advantage of using toll-free customer support number is, this number will help you to create the online presence of your business. Another major advantage of using toll-free number service is, this service will connect you with your audience 24×7. So the reachability of your business will extend which will connect your nationwide customers without facing any issue of charges.

Toll-Free Service Benefits for a business

  • Strong Online Presence
  • Database for Future use
  • Nationwide Reach
  • Good Business-Customer relationship

Hence this is all about the details of the Toll Free number 1800 and agencies numbers list. So Toll free number advantages are visible now in every business. So get it now for your business.

List of General Agencies and Services  Helpline Toll free service numbers in India

Agency/Service Toll-Free Number
Ambulance 102
Ambulance for Accident cases 108
Fire 101
Dial a Doctor 1911
Woman Crisis Response 1091
Traffic Helpline 1073
Senior Citizen’s Helpline 1291
Eye Bank Information Service 1919
Child Distress Service 1098
Natural Disaster Control Room 1096
Emergency Relief Centre on National Highways 1033
MMTC Limited 1800 180 0000
National Minority Commission 1800 11 0088
Passenger Grievance Northern Railway 1800 11 2511
IOC, BPCL, HPCL (for Complaints on Petrol/LPG) 1800 233 3555
Kisan Call Centre 1800-108-1551
Indian Railway 1800-111-139
Passport Seva Call Centre 1800-258-1800

List of E-commerce Companies Who are using Toll Free Business Number Services in India for their customer’s support

E-Commerce Company Name Toll-Free Number
Amazon- Largest Internet-based retailer 1800 3000 9009
Flipkart- India’s biggest online store 1800 208 9898
Ebay- American multinational corporation 1800 209 3229
Homeshop18- Enable seller to market their products 1800 180 0918
Paytm- Indian E-Commerce Shopping Website 1800 1800 1234
Trending- Shop online from exclusive brands 1800 2081 456

List of all the Mobile Network Companies Toll Free customer care Numbers

Mobile Network Companies Toll-Free Number
Jio 1800 889 9999
MTS 00 7 495 766-01-66
Reliance 30333333
BSNL 1800-180-1503
Airtel 121
Vodafone 111
Idea 12345

DTH Providers Toll Free Numbers

DTH Providers Toll-Free Number
TataSky Customer Care 1800 208 6633
Sun Direct Customer Care 1800 123 7575
Airtel DTH Digital TV Customer care 1800 102 8080
Dish TV DTH Customer care 1800 258 3474
Videocon d2h DTH customer care Toll-Free 73558 73558
Best Toll Free Number Providers

Regenerate your Business with Toll free number providers

The toll free number allows your customers to contact you without any charge. So It encourages people to call you and ask their queries. It can improve customer satisfaction, sales opportunities, and business ROI. Hence the toll-free number can be a valuable marketing tool which can improve sales by 30%. It gives your business a global presence and enhances brand image (Toll free number providers).

Toll-free number allows a customer to call your company without being charged for the call. Hence it encourages people to call you and ask their Queries. It’s Can be an effective marketing tool to attract potential customer.

Reasons to Choose Toll-Free Number for Business

Hence Leading toll-free number provider companies offer some great advanced and attractive features like – Call forwarding, caller ID, auto-receptionist, on hold music and many more.

So The toll-free number can improve sales of your Business by 30%. Because There are many advanced and attractive features of the Toll-free number. Hence The Toll-free number service comes with many attractive and advanced features to manage the Inbound Call Volume.

  1. Call Forwarding with the help of Toll-free number.
  2. Caller ID
  3. Auto-receptionist or we can say, Virtual Receptionist.
  4. Call Recording with Toll-Free Services.
  5. On Hold Music

Promote toll-free number with the help of To-Do List :

Hence Studies show that people respond 30% more to an advertisement with a toll-free number:

  1. Promote Toll-Free Number to an Email Campaign
  2. Use Toll-free number with your SMS Campaign.
  3. Promote on Social Media Websites.
  4. Put your number on attractive business cards.
  5. Banners and flyers which carry a toll-free number.
  6. Use TV and Radio ads.
  7. Place the toll-free number on your website.


Best Toll Free Number Providers

Toll Free Number with IVR for Business

 Toll free number service suits the best to connect with your customers for a good support. Dealing with your customers by providing them a business number which is free for the callers shows your business professionalism.

Now there is a user-friendly platform IVR which is provided by the Toll free number providers company. This platform gives your business a beauty. Greet your customers with a perfect recorded welcoming voice message. This IVR system helps the customers to connect with the concerned person within a single input.

This IVR platform(Toll free number providers ) provides the flexibility in call receiving. You can easily forward the call to another number, no extra efforts of forwarding required.

Hosted IVR Features

By using the IVR system you can record a welcome voice message for your customers (Toll free number India). Use the customized messages with a human touch that provides a good experience for your customers.

Call Routing- Set a path according to the customer’s requirements. Let your caller follow the path according to the query they want to ask (Toll free service). Create the different call routing paths for the different departments.

Never miss a single call- Your customer’s calls are very important for you, so you can’t afford to miss any call. This IVR system provides you the real-time notifications. This system instant notifies you by an E-mail if you missed any call. So never miss a single call by using this real-time notification system.

SMS and Email Notifications- This IVR platform gives you the real-time notification via SMS and Email (Toll-free service). Store all the call details on the panel for your further future use.

Does your business need toll-free number service?

Yes, every business who want to increase their national presence, need a toll-free number service for connecting with their customers easily.  Either your business is small or big for creating an online presence and supporting your customers you need the toll-free number.

Best Toll Free Number Providers

Toll Free Number In India

Most people are gazumped by how Toll Free number work and hence wanted to break a few basic myths:

1. In India it is normally a 1-800 series Toll free number (can be other numbers as well as 000800 starting). Which can dialed by anyone across the country and the person dialing the number is NOT charged.

2. The company that owns the Toll Free number has to then bear the charges of that no-call cost for the end-customer and has to pay an extra premium per call.

3. You can only RECEIVE Incoming calls on the Toll-Free Number. This can diverted and forwarded the way you want using us. No dialing out from the Toll-Free number. <Many aren’t aware of this>

4. No SMS’s are possible on the Toll-Free number, and the sender ID on SMS’s are typically anyway from a 6 character. Sender ID for Transactional or a random digit series for Promotional unless you have taken a Long/Shortcode.

Who should take a Toll Free Number in India?

So Typically Businesses which are slightly large (not SME’s).  They can spend an extra amount of money on each call to make their end customers feel that they are valued. Hence It is more an emotional + comforting style of marketing & branding (soft power types) to make the end consumer value their time and MONEY. You would make it a central number for 1 campaign or all your queries depends on the business.

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