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Benefits of Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS are the kind of messages that are sent to the customers for passing the information with respect to the product and service as the Transactional SMS Marketing. Transactional SMS are template based SMS and ‘n’ amount of templates can be created for the same. Most of all you only need approval of your SMS provider and you can then get started with sending Transactional Alert SMS to the public.

1)A message sent any eCommerce portal to the consumer regarding the payment made against the cost of the product.

2) A message sent by the bank to the account holders in terms of the balance of the weekly amount or with regards to any kind of transaction that takes place.

At SMS World a proper kind of template is offered as per the approved norms and regulations such that there will be no kind of problems.


Transactional sms


Let me tell you where and at which places we can use Transactional SMS : –

  • Business.
  • Updates
  • Information to members.
  • Payment reminders.
  • Bank alerts.
  • Information to parents.
  • Stock updates.
  • Hired vehicle intimation.
  • Ticket booking updates.
  • Membership management.
  • Online shopping.
  • Offers to opt-in members

Telcob service of Transactional SMS : –

Telcob is best among all other service provider in delivering information on time to their customers and we are the best service provider of Transactional SMS.

With changing times, the definition and ways of SMS promotion have undergone a drastic transformation. And a part of this transformation is the rising importance of transactional sms. Telcob Provides Bulk SMS Service and also we can say Bulk Transactional SMS.

Benefits of sending Transactional SMS:-

1. Prompt delivery of information
2. Useful for industries for sending alerts
3. Ability to send SMS 24×7
4. Reach out to DND service listed customers
5. Template based SMS

So As i told you about Transactional SMS and our Services of Transactional SMS you can see we have a good market of and hence we have Best Transactional SMS Service and we serve you best and better from other competitors. One of the major benefits constituting Transactional SMS is that they can be sent anytime, anywhere in addition to our services. 

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