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Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number, toll free number providers

Toll free number International Service

Possessing an international toll free number can allow callers, from all over the world to reach out to your business, without having to pay for the call. Often these toll free numbers can be used as marketing tools and can engage customers and thus make it simpler for them to connect. That is why you should contact the international toll free number provider. With the ever-increasing rate of growth of businesses on the internet, most businesses have started to consider taking toll international toll free number as it is the ideal thing to do. It not only increases their customer base but also helps to facilitate business.

Having an international toll free numbers have made it easier for the businesses to serve those customers, who are way beyond their proximity.

International toll free number services

The international toll free number provider will provide services. Which are available for you from at least 100 countries and more. We know that choosing an international toll free service provider, can be a difficult decision. That is why make it simpler for you by giving you the most varied choices in terms of numbers and the most comprehensive prices to make sure that your phone keeps ringing and your business keeps booming. The services for offer are:

Efficient toll free calls via a traditional telephone line over a Public switched telephone network or to a cell phone.

International toll free numbers services to any location in the world. Amazing call routing facilities like call forwarding, call direct and time of the day routing.

Features of International toll free number service

With the purchase of any ITFS number, you are sure to receive features such as.

  • Call recording over the past 15 days.
  • Time of the day routing.
  • Call redirect
  • Call forwarding
  • Interactive voice response
  • Automatic call distribution

How do International toll free number services work

There are two different ways in which international toll free number service connects calls to its customers:

If you own a good high speed data connection. Toll free number providers do is to forward the calls to the IP PBX phone type systems. Which have SIP support which is then already connected to the online internet connection?

In case you do not possess a very fast internet connection, it is possible to forward all calls to any and every mobile and the landline phone in the whole world, once you have successfully activated the international call forwarding feature in your designated account.

An international toll free number service

Customer satisfaction: When you have an international toll free number service activated, it can make it easy for the customers to reach you whenever they have any particular query. That is why having a toll free number can be beneficial to improve satisfaction and hence create personal relationships between the company and the client and generate leads.

Vanity Numbers: Having vanity numbers in a company is beneficial because it makes remembering all the numbers very easy. It can help to generate leads in the process of advertising. It is an effective marketing tool to drive the sales through the roof.

Affordability: Nowadays, it is efficient and affordable for the small companies to set up a system of toll free number. Usually, subscription rate types of toll free number are cheaper than regular phone services. You can receive cloud option or monthly plans which don’t necessarily need a contract.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number, toll free number providers

Toll free number, Local number Or Vanity number : Business Phone Number

A business phone number keeps your professional life separate from your personal. It only takes minutes to set up, and can often be obtained for free. This is true whether you’re setting up a virtual number (toll free number) via Google Voice or a professional phone system via Vonage.

We’re going to show you how to set up a business phone number. In particular, we’ll be explaining where to get local, toll free number (800), and vanity phone numbers, as well as discussing the pros and cons of each type of phone number.

If you’re looking to set up a full small business phone system, many providers will include the local or toll free number at no additional cost.

There is also virtual phone, which is local, toll free number, or vanity numbers that forward to an existing phone line. While these aren’t exactly a category of their own, virtual phone numbers are another important option for new businesses.

Local Business Phone Number

The simplest option, a local business phone number typically assigned when you purchase phone service. The 3-digit area code corresponds to your city or region. This makes it ideal for brick and mortar businesses who have mostly local callers and/or want their phone number to establish a connection with the neighborhood.

A local phone number is usually provided for free when you sign up with a small business phone provider.

Toll Free Phone Number

If your business operates nationwide, a toll free number or 800 phone number is a way to separate yourself from any local area code. Traditionally, these numbers allowed customers to call your business without incurring long distance charges. Today, they’re generally sought-after to give your business a larger and more professional brand image. Toll free numbers can begin with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844. 

Vanity Phone Number

Consumers are 2x as likely to remember a vanity number vs. a numeric phone number on billboards or print ad. For radio ads, the results are even higher with vanity numbers a whopping 9x more memorable.

A vanity phone number communicated using easy-to-remember words. For example, 1-800-TELEPHONE is a vanity number that corresponds to 1-800-000-0000 on the phone’s keypad. The price of vanity numbers varies widely depending on demand.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number, toll free number providers

Toll Free Number Aren’t Really Universal

Universal Toll Free Number

Universal toll free number, also known as Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN), 800 numbers issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The purpose of these numbers is to provide a consistent toll free number that doesn’t change from country to country and is composed of an 800 prefix and an eight-digit number.

Universal phone numbers (Toll free number) give you unprecedented flexibility to mitigate risk as you test new markets. Simply advertise your business with a local telephone number in one (or more) of the 75 countries we reach. You can forward that number to any branch office, call center, landline, mobile phone, VoIP phone, PBX phone or combination of phones you choose. Then, track your success in real-time with your online dashboard. 

Universal Numbers Have Heavy Restrictions and Limitations

Although universal numbers are currently available in 65 countries, there are a wide variety of restrictions and limitations in using them for marketing, sales and customer care activities:

  • Not Recognizable – Because of the fixed 800 prefix and number of digits customers may view the universal toll free number as a mistake when they see it displayed and not recognizable in a specific locale. Also, some countries may not use 800 prefixes for their toll free number services.
  • Not Accessible from All Phones – Common restrictions of universal numbers can differ from country to country.  Restrictions on universal numbers may include not being able to call them from mobile devices, hotels, or coin phones.
  • Not Available on All Networks – Not all carriers carry universal numbers and there may be restrictions on dialing from PBX.

Fortunately, there are other options. By purchasing dedicated local and toll free number in the countries. Where your customers live, you can provide those customers with a number format. That is familiar and that they can dial from any phone.  You can then forward calls from all of the different international phone numbers. To your central call center or to any phone you want, anywhere in the world.


Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number, toll free number providers

Toll free number for Ecommerce

Ecommerce business is growing at a rapid pace all over the world as every day new merchants are taking their businesses online (toll free number). Companies have realized the demand in the market for quality goods and they are leaving no stones unturned to make sure they can reach customers worldwide. The success stories of Amazon and eBay are known to everyone and start-up eCommerce businesses are hoping to make the same level of impact in the global marketplace.

When it comes to boosting sales and earning the trust of customers, several factors play a crucial role and one of them is how you let consumers contact your business (toll free number). While there are several methods for buyer-seller communication, a phone is the most used medium. Buyers contact an eCommerce company for various reasons. Some people call to clarify their doubts about a product, some call to know when an “out of stock” product will be available and some people ring your business to lodge complaints regarding their purchased items.

If you want to serve your customers properly and wish to earn their loyalty, you must buy a toll free number for your eCommerce business and put it in the banner area of the website. You have to spend some money to acquire a toll free number, but it is a calculated business investment.

If you still have doubts, read the advantages your Ecommerce business can enjoy by having a toll free number.


Many e-commerce websites are popping up these days and not all of them are trustworthy. Since the birth of toll free number, people have a common perception that toll free number can be afforded by big merchants only. Over the years, the price of 1-800 numbers has decreased significantly, but the common conception remains. Therefore, when you post a 1-800 number on your site, buyers immediately think your company is one that is here to stay.

No charge for calling

When someone dials a toll free number, the receiver pays the call charge, not the caller. Therefore, your target audience will not think twice before calling you and will appreciate your generosity. Customers will know you value their opinion. When it does not cost them anything to talk with your customer care team. This respect shown to the customers transforms into customer loyalty.

Easy to remember

A toll free number can be formed in such a way that it can be easily memorized. Suppose you sell liquor online and use a number like this, 1-800-BUY-WINE. Since you have a start-up business, many customers may not remember your name. But they will hardly forget your contact number.


Some businesses earn huge revenue by projecting a “local” image, but not Ecommerce businesses. People prefer to buy from an online merchant who is not based in a small city. A toll free number does not reveal your office location and consumers. All over the country can use the same number to get in touch with your customer care team by dialing the same number.

Customer satisfaction

Generally, customers speak for a longer period of time when they dial a toll free number. This gives your sales team and customer care team a better opportunity to convince them to make a purchase. For example, if someone calls your office for information about a product. Your sales representative can tell him all the features of the product. Sound explanation of the features and benefits of a product not only boosts sales but makes the buyer happy.

Round-the-clock customer support

An Ecommerce website is open all the time. But it may not be possible for you to employ a customer care team that will remain active 24 hours a day. 1-800 numbers offer the call forwarding facility to merchants. Therefore, you can hire an off-shore call center for the night shift. And forward all incoming calls to the offshore service provider. The callers won’t feel any difference and your business will run smoothly 24-7.

If you have an Ecommerce business and are still using a local office number. Then it is time to think about making the switch. Use a toll free number for your online business and live your dreams.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number, toll free number providers

Toll free number mistakes to avoid

Toll free number top mistakes which get avoid:

1) Don’t search small-inventory websites for number availability

While I’m obviously biased, toll free number Search is among the best search tools available. Chances are good that if the number is available, and is listed as part of their inventory. Too many first-time vanity number customers conduct a search for number availability on a single site. Conduct a more exhaustive search and remember that toll free numbers can always port over to any phone service provider. Once you own a number, it’s yours – not a telecom company. So search high and low for that number and do invest time in the process.

2) Don’t restrict your choice of the number by industry description or company name

Chances are, especially for 1-800 numbers (toll free number), that your mnemonic number of choice may not be available. 1-800 is worth millions for a reason, but even 1-800-ABC plumbers may not be available. That shouldn’t deter you from getting a toll free number that’s going to be easy to remember at parties, on radio ads, and on the web. Think of verbs such as “Go” or “Call” as additions to your brand or industry name in the toll free number. For example, 1-800 is a simple but powerful example of adding an “action verb” to the addition of your brand. There are tons of other examples, so don’t settle for the first number you find.

3) Know the hierarchy of toll free number recognition with the public

Even American Idol often repeated: “These are 888 numbers folks, not 800 numbers(toll free number). That means that many people still perceive toll free numbers as being 800 numbers. The obvious ideal is 1-800 numbers, after that the second best choice is 888 numbers. IMHO 866 and 877 numbers are an equally third choice. However, that said, if 888 numbers worked well enough for American Idol then the lesson is. It’s ok to have an 888 number and not an 800 toll free. But it may require an extra few seconds reminding folks of that in your ads (toll free number).

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number things which we don’t know

The tired trope that toll free number is a thing of the past could not be further from the truth. Cell phones and unlimited long distance calling plans have been around for almost a decade now. And the toll free number is more popular than ever. Why? It’s because they have more functional capabilities than local phone numbers. Unlike local phone numbers, which are subject to entirely different regulations. They can be used to collect data, geo-route calls, and track ROI.

Here are three things you probably did not know your toll free number can do:

Customer Caller ID

Toll free number is free for the caller. That means the business who uses the phone number foots the bill. Since 1996, when the telecommunications act that regulates toll free passed. The rules have established that the company paying the bill has a right to the caller ID information of those who dialed the phone number. Businesses who use toll free number have a right to see the caller ID information for their phone number, but not all carriers give out this information up front. Sometimes, it takes some digging around with your corporate representative to get the information sent to you.

Having caller ID information is useful to businesses in the age of information, and can help advertisers track and monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns. It can also help customer service centers track and monitor calls for quality purposes, and to track where a majority of callers are located.

Geo-Routing of Toll free number

The toll free number can encode complicated routing instructions to geo-locate callers and route their calls to different locations. This is a handy tool for companies with numerous sites. For example, if a company has three different locations in three different zip codes, a toll free number can be programmed so that callers from each zip code will ring to the locations nearest to them. This means that large companies with many locations nationwide only need one phone number, which will send phone calls the appropriate place based on the caller’s location.

Geo-routing is also useful for franchisees who do national advertising campaigns on behalf of their franchisees. Franchises can use a single phone number on all their radio and television ads. And set up their toll free number to route calls to franchisees directly based on the caller’s origination information.

Marketing Analytics and Tracking

The ability to route calls made to a toll free number to multiple locations can also track marketing response rates. Companies can set up a multitude of destination phone numbers, called ring-to numbers, for call tracking purposes. A single vanity toll free number can display prominently on advertisements across the country. But calls from each market can track with a separate ring-to number to gauge the effectiveness of the ads. This is how large companies such as DirecTV (1-800-DIRECTV), T-Mobile (1-800-TMOBILE), and 1800 Contacts (1-800-CONTACTS) track their ROI on national TV commercials.

A company does not need a national ad campaign to make use of this feature. Toll free routing can get as granular as routing by zip code. In this way, a company in a market with multiple zip codes can track. And gauge the effectiveness of their ads in specific areas. This can do with many kinds of ad campaigns, such as billboards, direct mail, and radio (toll free number).

The Takeaway

For companies who want more than just a phone number. Toll free number offers an array of tools to improve and track advertising response rates. They can be used to strengthen a brand, promote a product ubiquitously across marketing channels, all while making use of detailed, customized reporting to track marketing response rates and ROI. It’s a business tool that has proven time and again to be one of the most effective and useful in marketing, even today.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number, toll free number providers

Toll free number Text enabling for improving customer care service

The text-enabled toll free number and landline numbers in the US and Canada and other countries, enterprises and their Customer Communications service providers will want to think about how they can leverage these new types of message originators.

Starting with the consumer, it is important to remember that a good customer experience considers context and convenience, and SMS (texting) provides a great opportunity to engage with your mobile audience (toll free number). This means considering use cases where your customer prefers to initiate the interaction on his/her preferred channel and time as well as control when they self-serve versus talk with a live agent.

Toll Free Number and IVRs

American and Canadian consumers have been educated by businesses to call these phone numbers when they need help and are familiar with using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services. By text enabling customer service phone numbers, customers will have the option to text rather than wait for a voice call. Gartner says that “by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with Enterprises without interacting with a human.” One of the reasons visual IVRs have been embraced by mobile phone customers is because they offer a more convenient self-service solution compared with voice-based IVRs.

It is simply faster to navigate and get the information you want using visual IVRs. These same principles can apply to offering text messaging on the customer service toll free number. Additionally, some mobile engagements will still blend multiple communication channels. Where a customer may start by texting and then escalate to the voice channel to speak with a live agent using the same toll free number. Alternatively, many use cases start with an outbound notification to customers.

One really popular example is using SMS-based two-factor authentication. These messages can send via your Contact Center’s text enabled toll free number or landline phone numbers. To reach Mobile Virtual Number Operators (MVNOs). Using this messaging originator also makes it easier for customers to contact a business if they are still having trouble signing in after they received their one-time password via text message.

You can also offer your customers the ability to request a password reset. From a website from a computer’s browser (toll free number). Rather than sending an email with the password reset info. You could send a text message from the customer support phone number. With a call-to-action of “text or call us back at this number if you need further assistance.”

Provide Better Engagement

Many businesses still offer TTY and TTD toll free number for their hearing-impaired customers. These companies should consider offering a better customer service solution. By text enabling these phone numbers, which is a much-preferred communication channel compared to voice.

Even if you think this group is only a small portion of your customer base. Remember that this capability brings value to aging Baby Boomers (current customers). And engagement to Millennials (new customers) on their preferred communication channel (toll free number).

A 2014 Harris Interactive Poll finds that 64% of consumers prefer using texting over voice for customer service. And 77% of 18-34 year old consumers have a positive perception of a company that offers texting capabilities. Lastly, texting toll free number or landline numbers is still in its early stage of adoption. Where some businesses will be text enabling these phone numbers faster than other companies.

This will create confusion and pain on the part of US and Canadian and other consumers. As they attempt to text some business’ phone numbers and it works while texting other business’ phone numbers won’t work. This is not a good customer experience (toll free number).   

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number, toll free number providers

Toll free number cost reduce

Toll Free Number is a 12 Digit Virtual Number. That exploited to receive a flood of incoming calls for the businesses. Generally, the incoming calls that hit the Toll Free Number charges not incurred by customers but borne by the companies who opt the Toll Free Service. This is the reason; the flow of incoming calls on the Toll free number is very high. As it provides a free and convenient way for the customers to contact businesses.

The Communication solution that does not demand call charges for the customers is a good start for the businesses to create a standpoint in terms of acquiring the customer database which in turn helps to create a Brand Image.Although Toll Free number benefit customers to eliminate the call charges to reach companies. But the organizations are sweeping off with huge charges. It is facilitating unique features in the Toll Free number mechanism incorporating peculiar changes. Ultimately, benefiting customers with zero call charges and also, companies by reducing the burden of call tariffs.

To reduce and to execute the low tariffs for the organization, We unfold Toll Free number service in the following ways:

  • Toll Free Forwarding
  • Toll Free Missed Call

The Toll Free Forwarding:

Toll Free number is an Incoming Call Forwarding Solution. Which is configured with IVR, Call routing, Call Forwarding to the agent or department. Like sales, support, service team etc., of the organization or to any predetermined telephonic number of any format to any device.  The idea of Toll Free forwarding developed for the organization in maintaining business by allowing customers to call them for free. We facilitate Organizations to opt Toll Free service flexibly on Cloud or On-Premise. Toll Free number service is very much feasible for the organizations with easy integrations. To any third party CRM’s to avail the unique features.

Toll Free Missed Call:

Toll Free number service is an Incoming Call Forwarding Solution though; has brought the innovation of this service into the market. To reduce the burden of call charges for the companies as well. Toll Free uniqueness is that as soon as the call lands on Toll Free number. An innovative short announcement played immediately after the call connected for 5 sec or more. As per company’s demand, saying “Thank you for calling, our executive will get back to you shortly”.  And then the call gets disconnected and reflected on the dashboard. With this, the call cost that is, in waiting or on hold charges is convincible. An automatic call gets initiated from an agent to the recorded numbers for further conversation. Acknowledgment can also send to callers via SMS or Voice.Thus, decreases the Companies pressure and unnecessary activities.

This innovative Toll Free number service of gears up reducing call charges for companies. And at the same time adhere the customer friendly service aspect of Toll Free. Not only the Toll Free Number, this announcement service can avail on Mobile and Landline formatted. Virtual Numbers too as company’s better reach-ability is what drives better engagement rates which in turn uphold closures comprehending ROI.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number uses

Some fun and clever ways to use toll free number – from using them to vote for reality TV stars to a movie star (I’m looking at you, Bill Murray) to providing a little extra to fans of TV and movies. This week, I’ve come up with even MORE uses of toll free number.

Government Helplines

Most government services now utilize toll free numbers hotlines for providing assistance and information. From the DMV services to the Social Security Administration to your local elected official, you can get in touch with who you need by calling a toll free number. Hence you can even call the IRS for help on your taxes using a toll free number.

Emergency Hotlines

Non-profit organizations and emergency hotlines both utilize toll free number to issue assistance to the public. Many non-profit organizations use toll free number helplines to assist in collecting donations and pledges via the phone. They also use their toll free numbers to help people find aid during emergency situations. It’s especially helpful to non-profits when they have an easy-to-remember vanity toll free numbers (which most do). The Salvation Army, Red Cross, AMVETS, and Goodwill Industries all use a memorable toll free number.

Vanity Toll Free Number

In last week’s post, we included some of the most memorable vanity 800 numbers we’d heard of. Well, you can still be unforgettable, and have a great vanity number – without the 800. Hence here are some more easy-to-remember vanity toll free numbers:

  • 866-DODGERS (LA Dodgers tickets)
  • 866-EXPERTS (Heating & AC repair)
  • 877-CASH-NOW (JG Wentworth)
  • 877-OBEDIENCE (Dog Training)
  • 877-SPIRITS (Liquor delivery)
  • 888-AMC-4FUN (AMC Movie Theaters)
  • 888-BEST-BUY (Best Buy)
  • 888-IBM-HELP (IBM technical support)
  • 888-LETTUCE (Restaurant Hub)
  • 888-MY-GLOBE (The Boston Globe)

Promoting Your Business

It may be a little biased, but this my personal favorite use of a toll free number. Any business or company that ships or serves customers outside of their local geographic region should have a toll free numbers set up for customer contact. Toll free numbers offer your potential and returning customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business and they have been demonstrated to increase sales.

Having a toll free numbers not only communicates to potential customers that you accept orders/do business outside of your local geographic area, but it signifies that you are an established company with the wherewithal to have a phone number, professional greeting, and extensions to answer and route your callers. Hence Businesses of all sizes, franchises, corporations, shipping businesses, consultants, and solo-preneurs are all among those likely to need a toll free number.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number for Startup Business

Most of start-up business units fail due to lack of a proper planning. The smart business units that survive the market competition have a well-planned strategy in place. Toll free number is an invaluable business asset. Their benefits go beyond the building of brand recognition and improving sales. Given here are the top five reason why your business needs a toll free number.

Help in Customer Retention

When your business is toll free number, people can reach you any day and any time. Moreover, when they are able to call you free of cost from any part of the nation. So, making the process of customers reaching to you easy means, their satisfaction level tends to go up as they can satisfy all their quests.

In Case of Relocation, You Need Not Change Your Old Number

Portability is another greatest advantage of toll free number. If you want to relocate your business and want to retain your old toll free number. You can! Once you are subscribed to a toll free number, you own it and in case you want to change the service providers you will have that old number.

Easy to Memorize

The best thing about toll free number is that they are easy to memorize. This is so because they are easy to remember. The first four numbers are 1800 which denotes your country code. The next three numbers also remain common and provided by the operators. Only the last four numbers vary. So, these easy to remember numbers make people call you more and hence generate sales. Moreover, vanity numbers (1800-Your Company’s Name.) build your brand effectively and prove to be a cost-effective advertising.

Enhances Your Brand Image ( Especially if you are a startup)

Even if you are working from your basement with no infrastructure your virtual customers can think highly of you if you own a toll free number. A professional IVR (Dial 1 for sales, dial 2 for support) makes callers think high about your business which in turn builds your credibility. They tend to think that you are a big business with multiple departments.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Toll free number help you manage and organize your calls. You may have a website or maybe advertising on billboards or print advertisements, how do you think you would track the customers calling you? With the help of toll free number, you can track the details of customers calling you, analyze the volume of calls and what time people call you the most.

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