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Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : Top places where we can share

Now that you are the proud new owner of a toll free number, it’s time to share it with the world.

Here are a few places you can put your vanity toll free number for all to see: 

In your email signature

One of the primary ways that you communicate with your business is via email, so you should DEFINITELY have your vanity toll free number in your email signature. Often times, email is the only way a customer has reached out to you, so it’s a great way to share your new number.

On your business cards

This may seem like something you would automatically do, but obviously, with a new number, you’re going to have to get new business cards. Don’t try to use up all your old business cards first, just take the plunge and get more business cards! They’re really not that expensive, and the exposure you gain for your new toll free number will be priceless. Don’t forget to hand out your business cards at networking events, to new people you meet, and to every customer! 

On your website 

Again, another one that seems like a no-brainer, but you’d surprised at how many people forget to update their website with their new phone number. It takes just a few minutes to do, and you’ll astonish at how quickly you start getting calls to your new number once it’s up on the website.

In a radio jingle or TV ad

How many times have you caught yourself singing a toll free number in your head? By making your vanity toll free number into a radio jingle or a song on a TV ad. You’re almost guaranteed to increase brand recognition and start getting more calls!

Print Ads 

Whether in the newspaper, magazine, or mailer ads. Print ads are an additional way to get your new vanity toll free number into the minds of the public. You never know who might need your product and/or service and happen to see your ad. And with a personalized, easy-to-remember vanity toll free number, they’re sure to know who to call!

Billboards, subway ads, or bus benches 

Depending on the area that you advertise in (preferably around the area where your business is located), you could receive massive exposure from billboards, subway ads, bus ads or bus benches. Put your number up big and bold, and if someone’s staring at it for their entire bus ride or subway trip, or looking up at it from the freeway, that vanity toll free number is going to get stuck in their heads.

Inside and in front of your business, office, or storefront 

How many times have you walked into a store and wondered what they did. But they were closed and you had no way to contact them? Make sure people that see your business have a way of contacting you – with your vanity toll free number!

On your packaging (or on cards inside your packaging) 

Last but not least, if you sell some kind of product. Make sure to print your new toll free number on your packaging. If it’s not the type of packaging you can print on. Hence sure to stick your business card inside every package you’ll amaze at the results!

There are so many more creative ways to get your toll free number in the mindset of your target audience. So get out there, say it loud and say it proud!

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : Why IVR is used?

Toll Free Number and IVR goes hand in hand or, without IVR nobody thinks about owning a toll free number. But, I have been getting many Toll Free inquiries from this IVR where people have asked if the toll free can forward to their mobile number! While, there is nothing wrong with getting the toll free number to one’s Mobile Phone, but, I think it is an underutilization of a toll free numbers.

I would like to quickly add few facts about Toll Free Number in India

1. Telecom operators provide 11 digit toll free number which is just a number starting with 1800, which can dial by any mobile phone, landline number without prefixing 0.

2. This Toll Free has to forwarded/terminated on another telephone lie/ PRI line or even mobile number. And this number could be anywhere in India.

3. The cost/charges of owning the Toll Free Number and the phone number where calls to toll free numbers forwarded/terminated are completely different and dependent on each other.

4. The caller will not charged, but the owner of the toll free will bear the cost of both Toll Free as well as the other telephone number.

5. The number simultaneous calls to the toll free number are minimum 30 or a PRI line. It means that at one point in time, 30 people can dial the toll free and get connected. But, if the toll free is forwarded to one Mobile Number. Then at one point in time, only one person will able to speak, rest 29 people will get the busy tone.

IVR is particularly helpful if the toll free not used for a call center. In the normal situation, there would be many call agents to accept. Those minimum 30 simultaneous calls from the toll free number. But for organizations, which do not have a call center, IVR is the ideal solution! The best part is, in order to use IVR, one can always go for hosted IVR model. Which will require very low initial investment and get the benefit of a pay-per-usage model.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : How to get it?

It’s all the same thing: Toll Free Number, 1-800 Number, Freecall, Freephone, 800 Number and it’s easy for SMBs to buy

In the past, toll free number were associated with fortune 500 companies, but over the last few decades, SMBs and smaller organizations began to enjoy the rewards of toll free number. Now, with the real-time technology of Hosted VoIP, toll free is even more affordable and easy to use.

Toll free number

Toll Free Number: A phone number your customers can use to call your business without racking up any charges. Any minutes or service costs are paid by you. Instead of an area code, toll free typically begins with one of these three digit codes: 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 800.

It sounds like a fiscally unsound communication plan, but there many advantages with using toll free number.

Benefits of a Toll Free Number

Before we list the advantages of toll free number, let’s acknowledge that the original primary appeal of 1-800 numbers is no longer compelling. Decades ago, the “free” element of the call was the hype; however, with today’s commonplace “unlimited” phone plans, we no longer worry about how much our individual calls costs.

Despite the original benefit of toll free number becoming obsolete, 1-800 hundred numbers are integral parts of American businesses. According to a CSF White Paper, there is 43 million toll free in use and the FCC recently issued an order for more area codes to meet current demands.

Benefits that make toll free a business staple for businesses across the United States.

  • Builds company credibility
  • Access to sophisticated analytics
  • Customer Service Features
  • Affordable SMB prices
  • Texting capabilities

Benefits of Pairing Hosted VoIP and Toll-Free Numbers

The advantages of toll free only increase with new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In fact, if you google “get a toll free number,” the majority of your results will Hosted VoIP providers. If you’ve never heard of VoIP, it’s a phone service hosted on the internet instead of a traditional landline.

Analytics and Features

As Hosted VoIP puts everything in the cloud and is available. In real time call analytics is more accessible and useful. For this same reason, there are incredible business phone features with Hosted VoIP that will only increase the returns for using a toll free number. In addition to the traditional features of auto-attendant, custom greetings, etc., look for customer service features like the bargecustom hold musicwhisper, etc.

Price & Ease of Use

Hosted VoIP providers often provide the cheapest solutions for toll free number. Compare prices. To help you have a baseline for your comparison. Hence we charge toll free is 1.9 cents per minute for incoming calls. Remember how Johnson Hur said that “a small to medium-sized business can expect to pay a flat rate of 10-15 per month plus anywhere from 6 to 30 cents per phone call”? Well, that’s quite a bit cheaper.  


Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : Phone number options in India

Toll Free Number (1-800-numbers)

Toll free number is fast-paced mediums for generating leads as you can gather the data as they call you up for service inquiries.

– No Outgoing nor Incoming SMS (Outgoing SMS possible with some solutions like ours via a sender ID, but not on a normal toll free number phone)
– No Outbound Calls
– Inbound/Incoming calls available
– Zero (0) call rates, i.e. the consumer calling in is not charged for the call, in-turn the call cost is paid by the organization owning the Toll Free Number
– Can be reached by any mobile or land-line phone from across India only
– Provided by most solution providers, in the form of 1800-000-0000

 International Toll Free Number

– No Outgoing nor Incoming SMS (Toll free number)
– No Outbound Calls
Inbound/Incoming calls available
– The international customer of that Toll Free Number country will get a free call, i.e. if a Brazil Toll Free number is taken, then only Brazil residents will have a free “no charge” call.

Land-line number

– No Incoming or Outgoing SMS 
– Outbound Local and STD possible
– Inbound available
– Hence Normal call rates charged for “consumer calling in” depending on his/her plan
– Can reach by any mobile or land-line phone from across India and the world
– So Will be location specific (for Mumbai 022-21242124, for Delhi 011-21242124, for Chennai 044-21242124 etc.

 Mobile Number without Incoming SMS (in a smartphone solution)

– Outgoing SMS and No Incoming SMS
– Outbound Local & STD possible
– Inbound available
– So Normal call rates charged for “consumer calling in” depending on his/her plan
– Can reach by any mobile or land-line phone from across India and the world
– The Number series will be specific as per state (8088-919-888 is a Karnataka mobile number)

 Mobile Number with Incoming SMS (in a smartphone solution) (also called Long Code)

– Both Outgoing and Incoming SMS available
– Outbound Local and STD possible
– Inbound available
– So Normal call rates charged for “consumer calling in” depending on his/her plan
– Can reach by any mobile or land-line phone from across India and the world
– Hence This is special series numbers available via some specific operators, solution providers

Hence the toll free number is one of the best phone numbers which helps in Business and Entrepreneur Growth.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : How long does it take?

There are two basic scenarios that customers run into when they’re setting up a Toll free number. Either they’re purchasing the toll free number for the first time or they’re porting, or transferring, their current number to a new provider. Both instances require some wait time so we’ll break each of those scenarios down further.

Toll free number

If you’re purchasing a Toll free number from a provider, there are two situations you could experience.

The first situation is when your provider has the type of number you want in stock. This is the easiest of the two scenarios. Availability of certain numbers depends on the type of number, the location that the number is for and whether you want a Vanity Number or not.

The second situation is when the carrier has to order you a specific number. This simply means that the provider doesn’t have the number you requested in stock. Each carrier has their own process for ordering numbers so the wait time can vary depending on that.

In regards to both of these scenarios, the average set up time is around 72 hours. However, even for the fastest of providers, numbers like Vanity Numbers can take up to 30 days to set up.

Porting a number from another provider

If you’re porting a number from another provider, this impacts the setup time for your toll free number.

When porting a US Toll Free number, you go through a process called Reporg. When you Resporg a number, you’re going through the United States’. Toll Free number organization and asking that they transfer the responsibility of your number to another carrier.

This process will add 3-5 business days to your overall set up time, however, if your current provider fights the Resporg, this can take even longer. Most of the time the transfer of number happens quite easily; the most popular argument for a carrier to not transfer the number is a UBR or unsatisfactory billing relationship. This means that you, as the customer, have an outstanding balance with your current carrier.

NASC is another option when porting numbers over from another carrier. This is the second step for US Toll Free number if your current provider refuses to port your number and it is the first step for all other types of numbers. A NASC will force the transfer of the phone number without the consent of your current carrier. This process, like Resporg, can extend your number’s set up time.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that can impact the setup time of your phone number. If you’re interested in a relative time frame for your number, talk to your new provider about the wait you may experience. 


Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : Expand your business

A toll free number is basically a number where people from a country can call for free. From any region and with no area code. Being a free call for customers and not depending on a specific location. Like local numbers or landlines. It increases the probability of an inbound call and allows your business to have the local presence. Without requiring in many cases a physical location.

If you think about expanding your business to other countries. Establishing a reliable and close point of contact for your customers is very important. Whether you are an e-commerce or a services business, opening offices are not always the first best option. Because of the costs involved; At this point, toll free number become an option since you can request them. In many countries and can assign them without requiring a local physical location. Inside the country and they can use by customers by calling from a landline.

When you make the request to a virtual phone services provider. Your toll free number is a virtual phone number, so it will connect to your cloud phone platform and you will be able to answer calls from your clients from anywhere in the world, either through a call forwarding or the use of VoIP technology to answer using internet connection.

Costs of a toll free number

Your customers in the country where you request the phone number, can call you for free but for this to be possible, you must bear in mind the following costs:

  • One-time setup fee: In some countries, a single payment may require to enable and configure the toll free number.
  • Monthly fee: Your toll free number is purchased as a service so it will have a monthly cost.
  • Cost per minute: This is perhaps one of the biggest differences between a Toll free number and a local number, in the toll free the cost per minute is charged to the owner of the phone line, in this case, your business.

Costs may be different for every country and in some cases. You must send documents from your business to comply with legal requirements of the country you request.

Start expanding your business with a toll free number

After choosing a target country to expand your business and solve logistic issues and other requirements associated with your business model, you can use digital marketing strategies like SEO, SEM and SMM to get visitors and leads in your target country visit your page, but for them it is important to be able to contact you by phone to request support, answer questions about your product or service or even make a purchase. For the following reasons, a Toll free line is the best first option:

  • You can have a local presence without opening offices in the target country.
  • Generate confidence since free phone numbers seen customers as a resource for good companies. And if behind this line you have good customer service, things will much better.
  • You can validate if your product or service accepted in the market of the target country with a minimum cost.
  • If your toll free number is a virtual number, you can connect it to your virtual phone system, answer calls using the internet and consolidate a single call center for all your customers.
  • If your expansion attempt does not work, you should only cancel your phone number, without tied to contracts or additional costs.
Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : How to Publish and Promote

Toll free number offer great value immediate and easy access for customers and prospective buyers to contact your business at no charge to them. Serving as a vital marketing strategy, these virtual phone numbers (Toll free number) enable you to analyze your incoming calls, provide reliable customer service, and increase your target audience reach.

Toll free number: Publish and Promote

It’s simple to publish and promote your virtual numbers (Toll free number) across various channels. Yet, how you approach that can vary by the medium. And, you want to make sure your target audience is familiar with the dialing format of the virtual number.

Assorted dialing formats, diverse geographies, and local call dialing bias influence your approach. So It’s important to remember that each country has its own set of dialing formats and country codes for accessing toll free number or local numbers. As a business, you want to make sure you represent your toll number in a format familiar to your customers. For formats not as familiar to your audience, presenting and educating your audience on the dialing format from their location is key. For example, if you use a global toll free number [Universal International Freephone Number (UFIN)], the dialing prefix changes based on from what country the call originates. So you may want to mention, “toll free number” and indicate by country the dialing prefix.

Toll free number checklist of Publish and Promote

Website publication

Include your toll free number on your website and throughout your website. Use not only your “contact us” page but publish in the top navigation area and/or the footer—that way it’s readily visible throughout the customer’s visit.

Email campaigns

Make it easy for customers to call sales or service and display your number prominently and conveniently in your email message.

Social media

Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all key social media outlets to display your toll free number. So the purpose is to make it immediately easy to contact your business. It’s especially helpful not only in messages but also in profiles and local listings.

Email signature

For direct customer communication (one-to-one), add a relevant toll free number to your email signature. That way, it doesn’t cost your customer to return a call as a follow up to your message.

Pay-per-click advertising

Is a number necessary when you advertise online? Hence the expectation is that the prospect will “click through” to your landing page or website. However, you don’t want to miss an opportunity for immediate contact especially if you enable “click to call.” Ever increasing mobile use underscores the value of that function.

Out-of-home displays

The term refers to billboards static and digital used in large format and small. So Bus stop banners, large graphic displays at sports functions, roadside advertisements frequently do highlight a number. The key for this type of usage is to consider a toll free number that is a vanity number displaying words or a series of easy to recall numbers.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number still useful

Toll free number gained popularity with “As seen on TV” advertisements and other infomercials, and all kinds of forms of it are still being used today with prefixes like 855, 866, 877, and 888. As a business owner, you might consider the value-cost benefits of using a toll free.

We recommend toll free number for companies who serve customers nationwide and have dedicated phone lines for sales, support, etc. If you are a local business like a real estate office or auto repair shop, then a local phone number is probably better for you.

The Convenience of Toll Free Number for your Business

One reassuring benefit of having a toll free number is that no carrier owns it, meaning that your toll free is completely portable. It is a number that you own, and you can consider it as an asset to your business. A good toll free number is like a valuable piece of real estate or a good domain name.

A toll free number can serve as your main line, or as an additional line solely used for sales or customer support purposes. As with standard local phone numbers, you can assign multiple extensions to a toll free number so incoming calls can go to any desk phone or mobile phone regardless of their location.


Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number : Benefits for SMEs and SMBs

The growth of every business depends on the standard of ongoing business communication. And to keep this growth steady, you just have to make sure that your customers don’t give it a second thought before reaching you out. It should be totally effortless (toll free number). And for the same reason, it is necessary to provide the customers with a channel that is easy to use, free and productive. With these attributes, the business success becomes more likely.

In this context for every small or big business, toll free number has proved its potential in the contemporary scenario of business communication.

Toll free number is a token that your customers if at all in need, are not going to find it tough to make a communication with you, and once a communication is initiated, a relationship with the customer can be easily worked upon further towards a business success.

Let’s look at how SMBs and SMEs are benefiting today from the toll free number.

Know Your Customers and their Needs

The propositions that your business is bringing in should be well communicated to the customers and in the same manner, the customer should be able to convey his needs to the service provider effortlessly.

A survey done by Ovum tells that the customers prefer to make a phone call while looking for a business service or support. Customers do interact with different channels but making a phone call is still a priority.

So as the communication gap reduces between you and the customers, customer satisfaction becomes more likely because you get a better understanding of your customers with time.

Strengthening of Your Company’s Brand Image with Toll free number

A company’s willingness to interact with its customers suggests its concern towards putting forth the company’s values to the customers. And the number of channels it keeps open for its customers for interaction is the measure of the company’s interest in handling the needs of the customers.

If you have a toll free number for your business then it helps in consolidating the brand image of the company because your customers or those yet to be customers are communicating, adequately to arrive at the final decision while opting for a product or service.

Solid Customer Base Comes with Good Communication

When Dell started customizing its computers in the eighties, it was totally a new idea. Where the customers could easily call up Dell customer support number and customize their personal computers as per their needs. This idea put Dell in the very front of the race among computer manufacturers. And the only reason that played a vital role in this whole mechanism was, the toll free number that customers could call up anytime without incurring any fee. This brought in an unprecedented level of satisfaction to the customers.

By using the toll free number with such productivity, with this practice, Dell showed its customer-centric approach. Toll free number reduce the time span between actually dialing the number. And the urge of a customer to speak with the service provider because of its ease and feasibility.

In addition to this, they help the brand to take a route and reach to the customers. In the best possible way and eventually, make a solid customer base for your services.

Devising a Better Experience for the Customers

Customers want to communicate before the final decision of purchase. And also post-sale services that play an important role in retaining the customers. The communication gap leads to dissatisfaction among customers.

To avoid this situation and help your customers with a better customer experience. Toll free number has become very important in the recent times. Most of the businesses, small or big, are shifting to the online platform and also getting a toll free number to stay well connected with the customers.

A good brand identity comes when the customers show faith in the offerings. Made by your business and that totally depends on how well they fulfill customer needs.

A Versatile Business Tool with Tremendous Potential

Communication is the key thing to make a business success but sales are the eventual interest of every business communication. A good relationship builds on with the customers if this communication with them is perpetual and specific. So, every business communication that happens with the customers has the potential to accelerate the sales.

The brand image is built when the customer identifies himself with the brand and this solely depends on communication.

Toll free number have come out to be one of the best business tools. To fulfill such demands of businesses communication and are result oriented measures. Toll free number carries an assurance that. You are not going to miss out on a single potential customer for your business.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number benefits in banking industry

Competition can see in each business industry and banking sector is not an exception to it (Toll free number). In the phase of fast growing services, creating a new and effective product is not enough to lure new customers or retain the existing ones. And it is a fact, that creating new customers is way more tough than retaining the old consumers.

Let’s take a very basic example of our day to day life. List those people who you find best for endless conversations. I am sure the list would contain a certain number. Now my simple question is, why not others? I know your obvious response will be that they understand you better, your way of living and your problems as well. The banking industry too has the exact scenario while dealing with customers problems redressal management.

To retain your existing customers especially the advocate customers, it is important to throw a timely survey so their concern can be understood deeply and they can be provided with an accurate, error-free and convenient solution. The 1800 or toll free number services is the best way to monitor the customer insight.

Here I am going to discuss the top benefits offered by toll free numbers to the banking sector.

Know the customer insight of Toll free number

Since the toll free number is a free service. Therefore, people take very less time to make a call for any query. All queries or complaints raised by the customers must be maintained as a database because the problem of one person might be the problem of others too. Based on this record, all necessary changes must be incorporated into the banking model for optimizing it. Thus, it is a telephonic system which helps to extract the essential information from the human brain.

Providing customers with authentic and important information

People are not dreaming about the best and pocket-friendly plans your organization is offering. It is entirely your responsibility to let them know about the services or products (toll free number). That is beneficial to them in some manner. Once you send the intimation mail or message to your consumers, they can enquire back through toll free services.

Optimizing customer problems redressal management

Your job doesn’t get end only on understanding the problems or challenges users are facing but to avail them of the most satisfactory solutions for those complications (toll free number). Users will connect you through phone calls, emails or messages to share their problems or feedbacks on solutions provided by you. You can draw a statistics for a most competent solution and optimize it with further implementations.

Risk management

You will invite degradation in the relationship with your customers if their difficulties not resolved perfectly (toll free number). With the help of recorded complications, the bank can do a predictive analysis of all the risks that can arise in near future. Hence this information is very useful to save a company from getting into the financial crisis or any kind of loss.

Achieving customer gratification

A dedicated telephone system enables a bank to gain more responsive customers (toll free number). Collecting the information about what makes consumers happy. They help banks to create a better plan accordingly so the organizations can become a trusted advisor.

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