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Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number raise your business above the ordinary

Having a business toll free number can work wonders for your business. No matter how big or small your business is, it will handle all your calls efficiently and effectively. The calls which are important to you and the time when you get a maximum call is all known easily and you don’t have to worry about the timing at all. This will also help you to ensure, which is the time when you receive the maximum number of calls and you could focus on that timing to make your prospective customers your permanent one.

Today, there is more than 40 million toll free number in use. Are you in this number or out of it? If not then you must surely make it to the increasing number and increase the record in 2017 as a business without a toll-free number stands nowhere near a business with a toll-free number.

A business Toll free number has the power to make your company’s brand a fancy one and will improve your company’s goodwill. Having a toll free number means:

A Toll Free Number Gives You Identity

When you get an 1800 number, it is solely your business number i.e. you can easily use it for your business purposes and people will remember you with this number only. It will act as a brand for your business. And gives you a new identity that is how people will know you. Many popular companies use a toll free number that most of them are known by it and people know it verbally. 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-HURT-NOW, 1-800-BEACHES are the most popular toll free number that let their business grow higher. And, it’s a fact that these numbers have increased their goodwill and plays a major role in their success.

Your Customers Are Handled More Efficiently

Toll free number maintain your customers more efficiently i.e. When you share your number with your customers, they call you anytime and they always receive an answer from your side. The customers handled in the simplest. And the easy way that they like to call you very often and want to buy your product. How well you treat your customers will only make them like your business and will trust you more.

Business Communication becomes Smooth

When your customers make a call, they hear a fancy recorded voice from the other end. This will add a value of your company in front of your customers and they will propel to use your services as communication is the key while you talk. If you are available to your customers anytime they call, it will certainly add value advantage to your company and you can make an efficient smooth business call (toll free number).

Enhance Data with Minimal Error

A business owner you have to keep records of all the data about. When your customers called you and when they get a reply and are they satisfied or not (toll free number). These things happen and query raise but what you do? Work on it and try to reduce errors? These facts are very important to get your data right and work accordingly. With good information and data available to you. You will more easily be able to work based on the facts available to you.

A business when takes off, go slow initially and it may be small. And you think that you don’t need branding for your business. But, later you realize that wish I would have used toll free number earlier cause now. I have to change my number and all these problems occur.


Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number Evolution

The use of Toll free number established in a short time and history. It’s hard to forget that only does it have a history but it has a short history like that.

In past, the toll free number was termed as Zenith number. The Zenith number allowed a customer to call an operator within a specific community, who then connected the caller to the desired number. Although some Zenith numbers still exist, they have mostly fallen into disuse, due in part to the decreasing cost of toll free number assignments and as such, almost no new Zenith numbers have issued for some time.

Before toll free number introduced. The only way for a caller to reach a business for free was to place a collect call through a telephone operator. Upon the request of the caller and acceptance of the receiver, the charges would reverse. But in 1967, AT&T introduced toll free calling to the United States.

They created specialized telephone numbers that made a call free for the person dialing the number, no matter where they were located in the US. The “800” prefix told telephone companies that the owner of the telephone number would pick up the long distance charges.

Toll free number (800 number) Birth

The 1-800 phone number(toll free number) as we know it was developed in the late 1960s by AT&T. Prior to their introduction, businesses relied on a wide area telephone service (WATS) for customers to contact them free of charge.

The lines divided into inbound and outbound lines, depending on who doing the calling. WATS lines were operated by private branch exchanges. These were quickly replaced when AT&T launched the inWATS collect call system on May 2, 1967.

The Growth of Toll Free Numbers

The popularity of toll free number has boomed over the past couple of decades, resulting in the addition of five more toll-free prefix numbers: 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, 1-855 and 1-844. The first, 1-888, introduced in 1996, with 1-877 and 1-866 introduced two years later. It wasn’t until 2010 that 1-855 introduced into regular use. 1-844 just launched in December 2013.

Despite used predominantly by business and corporations, toll free number purchase by individuals for personal use. Examples of this include musicians looking to establish a single number for booking shows or other appearances.

These entities have a database that includes listings of what numbers are available. Numbers given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. A reputable toll free service provider also may have an inventory of numbers available for personal and company use.

Although millions of companies use 1800 and 1888 phone numbers (and their variations). The increasing online presence of most nationwide businesses has resulted in their sharing space. With email and live chat services as a means of directly connecting with the customer (toll free number). Despite this, toll free number is thriving, with everyone from multi-billion corporations to entrepreneurs working out of a small one-bedroom apartment using them. They’re affordable and can help establish a sense of legitimacy that gives your business or brand a nationwide and even global presence.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

How can we trace a toll free number?

Call tracking numbers can be local or toll free number. Local call tracking numbers typically are cheaper than toll free call tracking numbers.

Usually, both types can use for the same things with 1 exception SMS marketing typically is done using a local number (Toll free number).

Call tracking numbers usually range from $2 to $10 per month.  I know that varies greatly, You are paying for the cost of the number (Toll free number). Yes but on top of that the platform that it is used on, servers connecting the numbers, recording, and storage of recordings, staff support, phone functionality and more.

At the $2 level, you will only really get the number and basic functionality. At the $10 level, you should get a lot more functionality and service.

In addition to paying for call tracking numbers you will have to pay for usage or minutes the number used or if doing SMS marketing then SMS messages sent.  Usage can vary widely again based on the reason I mentioned above.  Typical ranges would be $.02 to $.10 and the reasons for this are the same as stated above in terms of service.

Some call tracking numbers are no longer attainable in areas like NYC 212 is completely taken and you have to use an alternative number in that area.  

As these numbers made available from time to time you may get lucky but I would plan on using an alternative. Likewise, toll free number that is 800 are very hard to get and so you will like to have to use 866, 855 or similar. Once you acquire a call tracking number you will need to pay for it every month or you will lose it.

Call tracking numbers are usually scrubbed by the provider meaning they held in a pool out of service for a certain amount of time ranging from a few weeks to months.  This helps get any usage from the prior owner to die down and stop.

When looking for a vendor for call tracking, there are persons who want to know whether they’ll get Call tracking numbers local and toll free. This is because some vendors don’t have available local and toll free numbers. Those companies that offer their clients both of these numbers have everything to offer. The vendors with the available numbers also have services with more advanced and better features. They include improved routing options as well as call schedules. It is possible to get port numbers not necessarily from the very same carrier.

Activation of tracking numbers

The tracking numbers activated instantly in a good number of countries across the globe. Depending on the vendor that one chooses to work with (toll free number). They always have varied plans that meant to meet the specifications of varied clients. This is why the client has the option of picking the exact plan that is just right for him. 

Ability to have multiple users

A person can add both clients as well as staff to the account. This done by creating sub-accounts for the clients as well as the employees by choosing various role types. In order to do this, a person might have to figure out the right package for just that function.

Dynamic number swapping

Dynamic number swapping refers to the user putting in tracking numbers on his website. It all depends on the exact spot from where the visitor or client came from. Various pre-programmed sources of advertising from where a person chooses the one that he wants. With such sources, the insertion happens automatically.

On and offline advertising

In order to track the advertisements both online and offline. The user only has to place numbers on the ads and other forms of advertising including prints. The numbers can also put in such a way that they just appear on the website dynamically (Toll free number). 

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number how it fits in our marketing campaign

A custom (Toll free number) 800 number will fit into your marketing campaign because it enables you to use your phone number to define your brand. When you think of vanity 800 numbers such as 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800- CONTACT, you know exactly what to expect when you dial those numbers. If you dial the first one, you’ll be able to order flowers for any occasion. You can order contacts simply by dialing the second vanity number.

In general, you can use your custom toll free number to do one of two things: share the name of your business or communicate a benefit your business provides. Either way, your number should reinforce your brand’s image and indicate how your company differs from your competitors.

Benefits of Incorporating a Toll free number or 800 Vanity Number in Your Marketing Campaign

In addition to clearly communicating something about your company, incorporating a toll free number or vanity number in your marketing campaign can provide even more meaningful benefits, including:

More Inbound Calls and Referrals

Because they’re expressed with words instead of a string of random numbers. Toll free number or vanity numbers are significantly easier to remember than all-digit numbers. That means it’s more likely that people will use them and share them with their friends and family members. In fact, research shows that toll free 800 numbers have a recall rate that’s 75% higher than the recall rate for all-numeric phone numbers. Research also shows that custom 800 numbers generate a response rate that’s 25 to 50% higher.

Improved Credibility

Having a vanity toll free number can improve your business’s credibility and sales efforts. A custom 800 number shows your customers you’ve taken steps for them to contact your business easily without incurring long distance charges. You can also use a vanity number to make your business seem bigger than it really is. Which can give people more confidence in your goods or services?

Enhanced Tracking Capabilities

When you get a vanity phone number from 800 response (toll free number). You’ll be able to track key performance indicators. Which you can use to analyze the success of your ad campaign overall and adjust your message as needed. Having these capabilities is critical to generating the best results for your company. With 65% of businesses viewing inbound phone calls as more valuable than leads from other sources. Tracking your calls is an affordable, effective way to accurately identify what is and isn’t working in your marketing campaign. The information you get from call tracking can help you. To improve every aspect of your sales campaign, including your online, print and radio ads.

Better Customer Service

Depending on how you use a toll free 800 number in your advertising, your number can help you provide better customer service by helping you determine why someone is reaching out to your business before you even answer the phone. When you have an idea of why a person is calling. You’ll be better prepared to provide satisfactory customer service (toll free number).

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number best practices

A toll free number is very valuable marketing tool & it has numerous advantages for any business & customers. It allows your customers a free way to communicate with you. A toll free number can expand your business opportunities. When your number is recognized & used, your business sales & ROI will be increased. It may be a valuable source of leads generation. This is a potential and priceless way for customers to reach you with high frequency.

Toll free number best practices 

1. Promote toll free number on the website

Mention your toll free on your website or every page of your website. It is like a call to action for visitors or customers. This number brings customers & leads to you. According to a study, 61% of marketers said that inbound calls generate more leads than any other inbound source.

2. Promote number of marketing campaigns

Place your number in all your marketing campaigns such as email campaigns or social media campaigns. It will maximize your marketing or promotional efforts & your number will reach a huge number of customers.

You can use this number as a trackable marketing tool. Use a specific toll free number for an email campaign; you will learn more about your customers as well as which offer & call to action drives the more leads, sales & ROI for your business.

3. Promote toll free number on social media channels

Social media is the most popular platform for communication & customers also use social media to contact you. So, it is important to share your number on social media channels.

You must include your toll free number on your twitter profile, company’s Facebook page, Google+ page, & Linkedin page. Make sure it is clearly displayed in your contact information.

4. Use click-to-call

You can use click to call to get traffic or lead through toll free . It is a great option for smartphone users to talk to a person & get their answer quickly. According to Google survey, 70% of mobile searchers have used click-to-call to connect directly with businesses.

5. Use Direct mail to promote your number

Get new prospects & customers. Include your toll free number on each envelope, postcard, letterhead, and other promotional stuff.

6. Other Places to promote toll free number

  • Place your number on business cards
  • Create the email signature with your number
  • Use print media, magazine ads, flyers which carry toll free number to your customers.
Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Turn Your 1-800 Toll free number Into Customer Service

It started in 1967 as a novelty. AT&T’s “toll free number” was an easy way for businesses to connect with customers, and customers quickly got on board. 1-800 became the must-have service tool for companies. Call volumes soared, and the number of call centers exploded.

Fast forward to 2007. Phones got smart, customers went mobile, and the way everyone has conversations changed for good.

1-800 Toll free number meets a new connected, mobile world.

Out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones.1 And how people use their phones has changed dramatically. Voice conversations are no longer the primary way that people communicate — messaging is (Toll free number). In fact, Americans text twice as much as they call, on average,2 with 97% of them mobile texting. At least once a day.3 And 18.7 billion texts are sent every day.4

Today’s ultra-connected customers have changed the way they communicate with brands, too. So They want to connect with companies on their terms, in the channel of their choice. And they certainly don’t have the patience to call a 1-800 number to talk, or put on hold, anymore.

Say goodbye to “hold, please” and hello to intelligent service.

What if you could transform your 1-800 toll free number the same way consumers have transformed their phones, from devices for voice calls to one for mostly messaging?  Now you can. With Salesforce LiveMessage, you can turn on live two-way messaging directly through your existing 1-800 toll free number.

If your company is like most others trying to deliver effective omnichannel service. Messaging is the critical missing piece of the equation. Sure, plenty of companies claim to offer two-way messaging. But this is really just sending one-way notifications that customers can respond to with only “yes” or “no.”

But with LiveMessage, your customers can actually have true, instant live messaging. Hence they can initiate a service conversation by messaging your 1-800 toll free number, and you can empower your agents to message back — and continue on the same messaging channel until the case is resolved.

Why LiveMessage is your next business game changer.

We message our friends and family 90% of the time, so why should we still expect customers to call a voice-only 1-800 toll free number 90% of the time?  We shouldn’t, and here’s why:

  • More meaningful conversations — With messaging, agents can have instant, 1-to-1 conversations with customers, while using the language they use every day, even emojis (toll free number). Hence with 92% of consumers using emoji’s,5 it opens up a whole new way to forge deeper connections.
  • Immediate access — Today’s consumers aren’t used to waiting. In fact, online consumers have been shown to wait no more than 76 seconds before they leave a site.6 With messaging, they can initiate a conversation whenever and wherever they need to.
  • Higher productivity — Customer service agents can handle up to seven messaging conversations. At the same time it takes to handle one phone call, so your team can handle more cases, without adding more agents.
  • Lower costs — The bottom line? You can reduce voice call volume by up to 30% with messaging, with an average 75% cost reduction over voice (toll free number).
Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number Ditch your company or not?

Having a toll free number (now often an 866 or other exchange) has been the mark of legitimacy for small businesses. But now, in 2011, just about all the technical reasons to have a toll free number have pretty much gone the way.

So, does it still make sense to pay the phone company to have a toll free number for your small business.

My first advice is NO because : 

Almost nobody pays for long-distance charges anymore (toll free number). And if they do, the cost is pretty close to marginal. Almost all cell phones come with “free” long distance, putting the limitations on total time spent on the phone, not where you are calling. And Internet calls typically don’t charge for long-distance connections either.

Even many home phones now include unlimited long distance or charge just a couple of cents per minute (toll free number). And, of course, it’s always free if you call from work!

Toll free number is actually a barrier to callers from outside the continental United States. International callers typically can’t connect to 800 numbers, so if your business doesn’t want to drive away global business, you need to publish a regular phone number as well, and that can be confusing to everyone.

For everything from sales to customer service and support, telephone calls are increasingly being supplanted by websites, social media, and online chat. Calling the company on the phone is now pretty much a last resort when all else fails.

As toll free number got more common and less expensive, their cachet has faded. When it doesn’t cost much to get an 800 number. There’s little customer security in knowing that a company has one.

While all of those reasons stand, there’s also the other side:

If your business caters to low-income consumers. The cost of a telephone call could still be a barrier to contacting you. Why bother alienating them? After all, no one will hold it against you for having an 800 number.

It’s not that hard to offer alternative means of contact to customers outside U.S. borders. And offering two numbers and specifying that the regular number is for international callers may make your small business seem larger and more impressive (toll free number).

While it’s often cheaper and more effective to handle everything from sales to customer service online. Some people think it’s safer to read their credit card numbers over the phone than type it into a website. Even if it’s not totally true, would you rather conduct an online safety education seminar or make the sale?

A recent survey said that even in 2011, 56 percent of respondents thought an 800 number made a company appear larger.

Survey of toll free number

But the survey also lauded the importance of having a local area code. To connote legitimacy (more important than a local zip code, apparently). That’s ironic since eVoice lets your company use a number with any area code, no matter where you’re actually located.

And the study also revealed that 70 percent of respondents. Most often used their mobile phone to conduct business, making toll free number redundant.

In the end, while I’m convinced that 800 numbers are no longer relevant. They’re cheap enough to continue making available to serve the decreasing number of customers who prefer them.  And garner a little extra credibility in the bargain.

But don’t sign any long-term contracts. It won’t be long before toll free number will be completely out of the picture.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number Pros and Cons

A toll free number is a must if you wish to provide customer satisfaction for your fixed clientele. Toll free is necessary if you want to initiate a home office set up, to increase the credibility of your business among the customers. The advantages of acquiring a toll free number overshadow the disadvantages.

Toll free number further aid small businesses that cannot invest in advertising on a mass-scale. Recent studies have highlighted the fact that 28% of television commercials feature toll free number as a point of direct response.

Toll free number Pros.

Point of Contact

A toll free number is a point of contact for your home-business set up. The customers can contact you pertaining to any queries about your product or service in particular.

Point of Sales and Information

Customers or prospects will contact you via the toll free number to place orders or seek information about the product like discounts, pricing, and shipping charges. This is the reason why they are also known as a marketing approach to creating sales.

Customer Care and Support

Another important function of toll free is to provide customer service to the customer base. This particular feature can be used by home-office businesses to resourcefully handle consumer needs and doubts.

Removes Obstacles

Customers are hesitant while dialing any company number. The toll free number eliminate any sort of uncertainty in the caller’s mind. The ‘free’ aspect encourages an increased number of inquiries and orders. This ultimately will translate into a higher profit margin. Additional advantages, such as the voicemail system, will further help you to solve routine queries.

24/7 customer support

The ’round the clock customer support’ facility eliminates the constraints of time. Customers can thus dial anytime throughout the day as per their convenience. The same technique helps to establish a long-term relationship with the customers.

Reducing Costs

Subscription rates for toll free number are comparatively lower than regular telephone devices. A phone line is sufficient for the purpose. If you have a small home office set-up, then you can convert a single telephone number to a toll free . The installation charges are also minimal. Along with the toll free provision, service providers also offer other services like voicemail, ignoring unwanted calls and a message center. A toll free will help your home office set up to reduce operational costs by restricting the workforce.

Toll Free Number Cons.

 Expensive Hardware

The hardware used for installing the toll free number is expensive, compared to the traditional device.

Unnecessary Calls

The ‘free’ provision of toll free number results in a vast number of unsolicited calls. Miscreants use this provision for pastime. You will have to deal with a number of callers, who are not even remotely concerned with your product or service. People will end up calling you, even if they have no intention of buying the product.

 Not a Stand-Alone Medium

Toll free cannot be used as a sole medium to boost the sales figure.





Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll free number should i use?

Actually just stumbled upon one of the great marketing debates of the 21st century. “Should I get a local or a toll free number for my business?” There are many sides to the argument. But we’ll give you some viewpoints on the matter to help assist your decision-making process.

Toll Free number is relatively inexpensive now. In the past, they were very expensive. A toll free number gives your customers a way to contact your company without having to pay for the call themselves. Customers appreciate a toll free number, particularly in busy times when you might have to put them on hold temporarily. Also, with ever-shrinking local calling areas, toll free number ensure your customers aren’t accidentally dialing a local long distance call that they did not want to make.

Toll free numbers are cheaper than ever and readily available, but should you use a toll free number for your business?

Having a toll free service will enhance your productivity and increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to reach you anytime, anywhere. It is well-known that toll free number build credibility with consumers. Eighty-six percent of customers will associate a toll free number with the quality of the business products or services. By providing your customers with an 800 number option to call you. They will believe that you want to talk to them.

A potential downside to using a toll free is that it can take away from any sort of small, local business vibe you’re trying to put out there. Potential customers who see a toll free number. When they are specifically looking for a local company might skip over your business. You may also end up getting calls from people who are outside of your service area, which would be an unnecessary interruption.

Advantages for Toll free number

There really are many advantages to having a toll free number. You can use toll free numbers to track the success of specific advertising campaigns. And another strong advantage is that you do not need to implement a new phone service, reprint all of your letterhead and business cards just because you relocate. Toll free number is portable and move with your business. The entire US becomes a local calling area to your customers.

Polling has shown that 90% of Americans say they use toll free on a regular basis. It eliminates the need to split area codes. And save you from the cost of having to deal with this in your business. Nearly all telephone exchanges are available – unlike local exchanges which have only a limited calling area.

Additionally, over 90% of households have computers or smartphones. This means that more people are likely to purchase products and services over the phone when they see a toll free number listed on your website. More than one-third of Americans estimate that they make sixty or more toll-free calls per year. Over 70% of those calls are business related, either service oriented or product purchasing. Having your own toll-free number will help you create a good customer-oriented image.

In the end, the best choice when it comes. To using a toll free vs local numbers is to leverage both. Cater to the people in your area code and target your small business angle with a local number. On top of that, you can expand your market reach with a toll free number to bring in new customers.

Best Toll Free Number Providers, Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number International is Critical for the Travel Industry

Toll free number International is critical for the travel Industry. Professionals working within the tourism and travel industries. must step up their game to keep up with the pace of international travel. Business is booming, with a whopping 1.035 billion people traveling abroad in 2012. According to research conducted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). International travelers have more options than ever and it is vital. That you make it easy for them to book their travel plans with you.

International toll free number is an essential piece of any business’s communication strategy. They allow customers to call a business free of charge. More importantly, they can be used to create a point of contact in markets where businesses may not have a physical location.

Global Call Forwarding personally engages with firms in the tourism and travel industry. This means more than just providing toll free number for your company.

Don’t Make It Hard for Customers to Call

Only having a toll free number in your own country can be a big disadvantage for a travel business. Customers looking to book travel are often hesitant to dial international numbers in unfamiliar dialing formats. So as prospective customers search for travel options. Their eyes are drawn to familiar telephone numbers, such as toll free number in formats native to their own country. 

Once they struggle with a foreign telephone number, they might just decide to work with another business to get what they need.

Dial-up More Business with International Toll Free Number

One of the best ways to cater to a global audience is to set up international toll free number in countries where your customers live. You can then have those virtual phone numbers forwarded to your business location or call center, anywhere in the world. Hence an international toll free number can help raise your marketing ROI, build your organization’s credibility, and improve global customer care efforts.



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