If you’re mid- to the large-scale corporation you’re going to confront the issue of choosing a toll free number. This is a decision you’ll be living with for quite some time, so it’s important you get it right.

There are Some Mistakes which you have to avoid while choosing Toll free number:

Number Hybrid

This is by far the biggest mistake business owners make.  1-800-493-TINT is nowhere near as valuable as 1-800-TINTING (Toll free number service).  People can remember words, not numbers.  A hybrid quickly becomes 1-800-something-something-something TINT to the potential customer.  A hybrid may save you a few dollars, but over time, you’ll throw away thousands on advertising…not even counting the thousands lost from the business opportunities squandered.

Vanity Name Choice

Select a number that either spells out your industry (800-FLOWERS, 1-800-EYESIGHT, 1-800-INSURANCE) or describes/reinforces the advertising message you are trying to convey Fabulous Honeymoon vacations- 1-800-FABULOUS (Toll free number).  Avoid spelling out your company unless you are sure everyone knows your company name.  Stewarts Roofing is much better off with 1-800-ROOF CARE then 1-800-STEWART, which could be almost anything.


Don’t be selective where you use your vanity number.  Make it the front door to your business for everything you do that the public sees or hears.  Selective use for just radio spots, for instance, will not get you the best results overall (Toll free number service).  There is a reason why everything FedEx does place the 1-800-Go FedEx number on it.  Same goes for UPS with 1-800-PICK UPS, they know what value it is to them.

800 & 888 vs. 877 & 866

Whenever possible always try to establish yourself with an 800 vanity number.  It is by far what the public is familiar with.  When that is impossible, 888 is the second choice.  Although not as good as 800, still way better then 877 and 866.  Try not to us 877 unless as a last resort as you may lose some of your calls to misdials since the public isn’t yet familiar with 877 being a toll-free prefix.  Never use 866 because you could lose up to 1/3 of your calls  (Toll free number).

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