A toll free number is a must if you wish to provide customer satisfaction for your fixed clientele. Toll free is necessary if you want to initiate a home office set up, to increase the credibility of your business among the customers. The advantages of acquiring a toll free number overshadow the disadvantages.

Toll free number further aid small businesses that cannot invest in advertising on a mass-scale. Recent studies have highlighted the fact that 28% of television commercials feature toll free number as a point of direct response.

Toll free number Pros.

Point of Contact

A toll free number is a point of contact for your home-business set up. The customers can contact you pertaining to any queries about your product or service in particular.

Point of Sales and Information

Customers or prospects will contact you via the toll free number to place orders or seek information about the product like discounts, pricing, and shipping charges. This is the reason why they are also known as a marketing approach to creating sales.

Customer Care and Support

Another important function of toll free is to provide customer service to the customer base. This particular feature can be used by home-office businesses to resourcefully handle consumer needs and doubts.

Removes Obstacles

Customers are hesitant while dialing any company number. The toll free number eliminate any sort of uncertainty in the caller’s mind. The ‘free’ aspect encourages an increased number of inquiries and orders. This ultimately will translate into a higher profit margin. Additional advantages, such as the voicemail system, will further help you to solve routine queries.

24/7 customer support

The ’round the clock customer support’ facility eliminates the constraints of time. Customers can thus dial anytime throughout the day as per their convenience. The same technique helps to establish a long-term relationship with the customers.

Reducing Costs

Subscription rates for toll free number are comparatively lower than regular telephone devices. A phone line is sufficient for the purpose. If you have a small home office set-up, then you can convert a single telephone number to a toll free . The installation charges are also minimal. Along with the toll free provision, service providers also offer other services like voicemail, ignoring unwanted calls and a message center. A toll free will help your home office set up to reduce operational costs by restricting the workforce.

Toll Free Number Cons.

 Expensive Hardware

The hardware used for installing the toll free number is expensive, compared to the traditional device.

Unnecessary Calls

The ‘free’ provision of toll free number results in a vast number of unsolicited calls. Miscreants use this provision for pastime. You will have to deal with a number of callers, who are not even remotely concerned with your product or service. People will end up calling you, even if they have no intention of buying the product.

 Not a Stand-Alone Medium

Toll free cannot be used as a sole medium to boost the sales figure.





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