A toll free number is very valuable marketing tool & it has numerous advantages for any business & customers. It allows your customers a free way to communicate with you. A toll free number can expand your business opportunities. When your number is recognized & used, your business sales & ROI will be increased. It may be a valuable source of leads generation. This is a potential and priceless way for customers to reach you with high frequency.

Toll free number best practices 

1. Promote toll free number on the website

Mention your toll free on your website or every page of your website. It is like a call to action for visitors or customers. This number brings customers & leads to you. According to a study, 61% of marketers said that inbound calls generate more leads than any other inbound source.

2. Promote number of marketing campaigns

Place your number in all your marketing campaigns such as email campaigns or social media campaigns. It will maximize your marketing or promotional efforts & your number will reach a huge number of customers.

You can use this number as a trackable marketing tool. Use a specific toll free number for an email campaign; you will learn more about your customers as well as which offer & call to action drives the more leads, sales & ROI for your business.

3. Promote toll free number on social media channels

Social media is the most popular platform for communication & customers also use social media to contact you. So, it is important to share your number on social media channels.

You must include your toll free number on your twitter profile, company’s Facebook page, Google+ page, & Linkedin page. Make sure it is clearly displayed in your contact information.

4. Use click-to-call

You can use click to call to get traffic or lead through toll free . It is a great option for smartphone users to talk to a person & get their answer quickly. According to Google survey, 70% of mobile searchers have used click-to-call to connect directly with businesses.

5. Use Direct mail to promote your number

Get new prospects & customers. Include your toll free number on each envelope, postcard, letterhead, and other promotional stuff.

6. Other Places to promote toll free number

  • Place your number on business cards
  • Create the email signature with your number
  • Use print media, magazine ads, flyers which carry toll free number to your customers.

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