Toll free number gained popularity with “As seen on TV” advertisements and other infomercials, and all kinds of forms of it are still being used today with prefixes like 855, 866, 877, and 888. As a business owner, you might consider the value-cost benefits of using a toll free.

We recommend toll free number for companies who serve customers nationwide and have dedicated phone lines for sales, support, etc. If you are a local business like a real estate office or auto repair shop, then a local phone number is probably better for you.

The Convenience of Toll Free Number for your Business

One reassuring benefit of having a toll free number is that no carrier owns it, meaning that your toll free is completely portable. It is a number that you own, and you can consider it as an asset to your business. A good toll free number is like a valuable piece of real estate or a good domain name.

A toll free number can serve as your main line, or as an additional line solely used for sales or customer support purposes. As with standard local phone numbers, you can assign multiple extensions to a toll free number so incoming calls can go to any desk phone or mobile phone regardless of their location.


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