Toll free number offer great value immediate and easy access for customers and prospective buyers to contact your business at no charge to them. Serving as a vital marketing strategy, these virtual phone numbers (Toll free number) enable you to analyze your incoming calls, provide reliable customer service, and increase your target audience reach.

Toll free number: Publish and Promote

It’s simple to publish and promote your virtual numbers (Toll free number) across various channels. Yet, how you approach that can vary by the medium. And, you want to make sure your target audience is familiar with the dialing format of the virtual number.

Assorted dialing formats, diverse geographies, and local call dialing bias influence your approach. So It’s important to remember that each country has its own set of dialing formats and country codes for accessing toll free number or local numbers. As a business, you want to make sure you represent your toll number in a format familiar to your customers. For formats not as familiar to your audience, presenting and educating your audience on the dialing format from their location is key. For example, if you use a global toll free number [Universal International Freephone Number (UFIN)], the dialing prefix changes based on from what country the call originates. So you may want to mention, “toll free number” and indicate by country the dialing prefix.

Toll free number checklist of Publish and Promote

Website publication

Include your toll free number on your website and throughout your website. Use not only your “contact us” page but publish in the top navigation area and/or the footer—that way it’s readily visible throughout the customer’s visit.

Email campaigns

Make it easy for customers to call sales or service and display your number prominently and conveniently in your email message.

Social media

Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all key social media outlets to display your toll free number. So the purpose is to make it immediately easy to contact your business. It’s especially helpful not only in messages but also in profiles and local listings.

Email signature

For direct customer communication (one-to-one), add a relevant toll free number to your email signature. That way, it doesn’t cost your customer to return a call as a follow up to your message.

Pay-per-click advertising

Is a number necessary when you advertise online? Hence the expectation is that the prospect will “click through” to your landing page or website. However, you don’t want to miss an opportunity for immediate contact especially if you enable “click to call.” Ever increasing mobile use underscores the value of that function.

Out-of-home displays

The term refers to billboards static and digital used in large format and small. So Bus stop banners, large graphic displays at sports functions, roadside advertisements frequently do highlight a number. The key for this type of usage is to consider a toll free number that is a vanity number displaying words or a series of easy to recall numbers.

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