Most of start-up business units fail due to lack of a proper planning. The smart business units that survive the market competition have a well-planned strategy in place. Toll free number is an invaluable business asset. Their benefits go beyond the building of brand recognition and improving sales. Given here are the top five reason why your business needs a toll free number.

Help in Customer Retention

When your business is toll free number, people can reach you any day and any time. Moreover, when they are able to call you free of cost from any part of the nation. So, making the process of customers reaching to you easy means, their satisfaction level tends to go up as they can satisfy all their quests.

In Case of Relocation, You Need Not Change Your Old Number

Portability is another greatest advantage of toll free number. If you want to relocate your business and want to retain your old toll free number. You can! Once you are subscribed to a toll free number, you own it and in case you want to change the service providers you will have that old number.

Easy to Memorize

The best thing about toll free number is that they are easy to memorize. This is so because they are easy to remember. The first four numbers are 1800 which denotes your country code. The next three numbers also remain common and provided by the operators. Only the last four numbers vary. So, these easy to remember numbers make people call you more and hence generate sales. Moreover, vanity numbers (1800-Your Company’s Name.) build your brand effectively and prove to be a cost-effective advertising.

Enhances Your Brand Image ( Especially if you are a startup)

Even if you are working from your basement with no infrastructure your virtual customers can think highly of you if you own a toll free number. A professional IVR (Dial 1 for sales, dial 2 for support) makes callers think high about your business which in turn builds your credibility. They tend to think that you are a big business with multiple departments.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Toll free number help you manage and organize your calls. You may have a website or maybe advertising on billboards or print advertisements, how do you think you would track the customers calling you? With the help of toll free number, you can track the details of customers calling you, analyze the volume of calls and what time people call you the most.

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