Toll Free Number is a 12 Digit Virtual Number. That exploited to receive a flood of incoming calls for the businesses. Generally, the incoming calls that hit the Toll Free Number charges not incurred by customers but borne by the companies who opt the Toll Free Service. This is the reason; the flow of incoming calls on the Toll free number is very high. As it provides a free and convenient way for the customers to contact businesses.

The Communication solution that does not demand call charges for the customers is a good start for the businesses to create a standpoint in terms of acquiring the customer database which in turn helps to create a Brand Image.Although Toll Free number benefit customers to eliminate the call charges to reach companies. But the organizations are sweeping off with huge charges. It is facilitating unique features in the Toll Free number mechanism incorporating peculiar changes. Ultimately, benefiting customers with zero call charges and also, companies by reducing the burden of call tariffs.

To reduce and to execute the low tariffs for the organization, We unfold Toll Free number service in the following ways:

  • Toll Free Forwarding
  • Toll Free Missed Call

The Toll Free Forwarding:

Toll Free number is an Incoming Call Forwarding Solution. Which is configured with IVR, Call routing, Call Forwarding to the agent or department. Like sales, support, service team etc., of the organization or to any predetermined telephonic number of any format to any device.  The idea of Toll Free forwarding developed for the organization in maintaining business by allowing customers to call them for free. We facilitate Organizations to opt Toll Free service flexibly on Cloud or On-Premise. Toll Free number service is very much feasible for the organizations with easy integrations. To any third party CRM’s to avail the unique features.

Toll Free Missed Call:

Toll Free number service is an Incoming Call Forwarding Solution though; has brought the innovation of this service into the market. To reduce the burden of call charges for the companies as well. Toll Free uniqueness is that as soon as the call lands on Toll Free number. An innovative short announcement played immediately after the call connected for 5 sec or more. As per company’s demand, saying “Thank you for calling, our executive will get back to you shortly”.  And then the call gets disconnected and reflected on the dashboard. With this, the call cost that is, in waiting or on hold charges is convincible. An automatic call gets initiated from an agent to the recorded numbers for further conversation. Acknowledgment can also send to callers via SMS or Voice.Thus, decreases the Companies pressure and unnecessary activities.

This innovative Toll Free number service of gears up reducing call charges for companies. And at the same time adhere the customer friendly service aspect of Toll Free. Not only the Toll Free Number, this announcement service can avail on Mobile and Landline formatted. Virtual Numbers too as company’s better reach-ability is what drives better engagement rates which in turn uphold closures comprehending ROI.

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