Small Businesses Have limited budget for their promotions for making a good online presence. A toll free number provider service gives your business a strong online presence. Using a toll free number extend your reach nationwide by only using a single number you can connect with your customers without any issue of cost. The user of the Toll free number will not charge for the call.

You can create a virtual office everywhere in the world. With a single business number which starts in India with the 1800- according to the country.

Now, these business numbers also have some types:

  • Toll Free Numbers With the Prefix 800,877 etc.
  • Vanity Numbers
  • Local Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers- These toll free numbers are usually used by the most of the businesses. These numbers are free to form the caller’s end. Hence the prefix of these numbers is 800, 877, 888, 899 which influence the callers to call for the inquiry.

Vanity Numbers- Now these numbers are in trend. Businesses using these number because the specialty of these numbers are they are eye-catching. Easy the remember. The format of these number is 1800-XYZ-ABCD.

Local Numbers- These numbers are the special area codes. So these numbers are only free for some specific area which code is used in the number.

How to decide which  Business Number is good for your business?

Toll Free number is advised for the business who can afford the call prices from their ends. The customer can reach towards you without paying a single penny which creates a good professional image and a scenario in which customers are comfortable to call you for their queries.

Vanity numbers are mostly used by the business, who want to aware the customers about their brands.

Hence Local numbers are advice for the business owner who only wants to promote their business at some particular location.

Improve the Customers Retention Rate

This platform of using toll free number service improve your reachability. Stay there, where are your customers without going or shifting your office with a simple vanity number. This easy reach towards your customers gives you the better results than before.

Customers can call you anytime from anywhere, you can give them a brief about your products and services. This will improve your customer’s retention rate.

This business number gives your customers a way to connect with you for their queries about your products and services. Also, Customers can share the problems they are facing while using your service, so you can further fix your bugs according to your customers need.

Eye-Catching Numbers- Easy to Remember

These business numbers are the eye-catching numbers, which means if someone saw this number only once, he can easily memorize this number for connecting with you later. It simply starts with the four digits 1800, then the further number is like 1800-XYZ-ABCD easy to remember digits.

These eye-catching numbers are the vanity numbers and the service provider also gives you an opportunity to choose your own number according to your business need.

Hence the special thing about using toll free vanity number is this number will make your good Professional image in the market. This will also give the Recallers for your businesses.

Easy Management

The toll free number service management is easy. Because an IVR system is provided by the number provider company. Through which you can manage all your call records. So all the call records are managed in the database for future use. This database can delete also, according to your requirements. Hence this business number can access by the multiple agents and this handling provides the customers your availability 24×7 No busy tone ever.

Advantages of the toll-free number services

  • Nationwide Reach
  • Free for your customers
  • Vanity Numbers
  • Connect you 24×7 with your customers
  • Extend your business
  • Accessible by the multi-agents
  • No busy tone

So, Choosing toll-free number service for making your online presence is a good step for your business image.

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