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Reasons Why Indian Travel Companies Should Use A Toll Free Number

According to industry researchers, India’s tourism sector grew over by 10% in the six months from April-September, compared to near 8% in the year-ago. This significant growth is now slowly re-shaping the tourism business (Toll free number).

To keep on par with the changing needs of tourism, companies have begun all kinds of exciting expeditions, tours, and packages, from expansive travel and hotel bookings to trekking planners and adventure expeditions.

Despite the availability of everything online, one still encounters a lot of glitches & uncertain situations on the road. To smoothly handle these traveling chaos, companies are now taking the big leap in providing peace of mind to their customers by increasing their availability over the widely usable mode of communication i.e. phones.

In fact, toll free number is proving to be beneficial not only for the travelers but for the travel companies as well. These companies can now easily save many disappointed customers and bad reviews by instantly solving their queries on the go.

1. Gaining Credibility of Toll free number

Having a toll free number ensures a sense of credibility while creating an impressionable brand image on potential customers. In a country like India where a wide majority is still new to online monetary exchange, it makes sure that all doubts are taken care of by assuring a transparent conversation of the details involved in the process.

These days in times of online frauds one is often apprehensive about company’s reliability, making the decision-making process more complex and full of doubts.

A toll free number provider assures a fulfilling travel experience which inevitably results in strengthening of the brand image by word of mouth.

2. More Satisfied Customers

Usually, while planning travels or traveling, one needs to engage in a lot of telephonic communication which can be expensive. Toll free number provider make sure that travel companies seem approachable and cost-effective to the customers as calls can be made free of charge

Also, accessibility to travel companies is a must because transport glitches, sudden changes in the itinerary or the weather are very common and toll-free numbers which guarantee twenty-four hours availability are a perfect redressal mechanism. A customer can be made a loyal customer by assuring instant responses and toll-free numbers can make this a certainty.

3. Customer Analysis for Business Growth

Customer numbers tracking & call-recording help in creating a large database for customer analysis. It also guarantees the resolution of customer queries in an efficient manner, by directly addressing customer’s grievances.

All the high-quality toll free number service providers such as Servetel gives an add-on dashboard to their customers to easily analyze the calls and understand customer’s expectations or pattern. This analysis further facilitates the creation of innovative customer-oriented travel solutions.

4. Widens Customer Base

Toll free number increase the numbers of incoming clients as they are easy to remember. But the feature which indisputably wins the race is it’s “cost-free” calls for the customers.

Here company bears the call costs which attracts potential clients and in-return ensures a significant increase in one’s business.

5. Power-Packed Call Handling

Toll free number can handle multiple calls simultaneously so that no enquires go unanswered. The intelligently created call routing structure further ensures that no customer is left hanging on the call.

24×7 accessibility along with free calls and the quick responses to the travel queries puts the customers to ease. All travel companies, small or big, can make successful using the toll free number. As it gives customers the freedom to contact them easily and free of charge. Ensuring credibility and making a nationwide presence.

Most importantly, with emerging cloud telephony solutions in the markets. Setting up a toll-free number has become much easier and economical by eliminating all the intermediate infrastructural setup.

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